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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 20, 24 September 1987

Volume 23, Issue 20

24 September 1987

Integration of GaAS MESFET drivers with GaAs directional-coupler electro-optic modulators
Simple adaptive algorithm for rejection of interference
Fully ion-implanted abrupt pn junction on semi-insulating InP
Miniature micromachined Fabry-Perot interferometers in silicon
Pieprzyk's public-key cryptosystem is insecure
450 Hz relative frequency stability in an AlGaAs diode laser
Biased model reduction by simplified Routh approximation method
Formant labelling using pole-focused spectra
Quantum confined Stark shifts in MOVPE-grown GaAs-AlGaAs multiple quantum wells
Simple method to determine microwave phase
10 GHz optical receiver using a travelling-wave semiconductor laser preamplifier
Level-shifting differential to single-ended convertor circuits GaAs MESFET implementation
Monolithic photoreceiver integrating GaInAs PIN/JFET with diffused junctions
Efficient photodiode-waveguide coupling for hybrid integrated optical circuits
Method for analytic subscriber traffic data acquisition in telephone networks
Improved Prony algorithm to identify multipath components
Partitioning for pseudo-exhaustive testing is NP-complete
Sideband noise of a large phase carrier in interferometric sensors
34 Mbit/s optical fibre transmission system experiment at a wavelength of 2.4 μm
Tester architecture for a time-division switch
Dependence of interconnection delays on driving mechanism for GaAs-based VLSI
GaInAs/InP waveguide multiple-quantum-well optical modulator with 9 dB on/off ratio
Parallel merger
Characteristics of a two-layer electromagnetically coupled rectangular patch antenna
Power spectral density of CMI-coded TV signal transmitted through fibre-optic heterodyne system
Refractory self-aligned gate technology for GaAs microwave FETs and MMICS
Optical FSK transmission system using a phase-diversity receiver
Diode-laser-pumped operation of an Er3+-doped single-mode fibre laser
Modulation frequency-shift technique for dispersion measurements in optical fibres using LEDs
Molecular-beam-epitaxial growth of GaAs on high-temperature hydrogen-annealed (100) silicon
Birefringence in stress-applied polarisation-maintaining optical fibres
Precise optical heterodyne beat frequency from laser diodes locked to atomic resonances
Novel optically pumped electronic mixer using a Mott diode structure
20 GHz frequency-divider silicon bipolar MMIC
Single-mode fibre Y-junction beam-splitter
Tunable optical-wavelength conversion using a multielectrode distributed-feedback laser diode with a saturable absorber
Generation of short pulses from CW light by influence of crossphase modulation (CPM) in optical fibres
Surface plasmon microscopy
Generation of transconductance-grounded-capacitor filters by signal-flow-graph methods for VLSI implementation
GaInAs PIN photodiodes grown on silicon substrates for 1.55 μm detection
Optical third-harmonic generation from poly(p-phenylenevinylene) thin films
Fundamental error of recent coupled mode formulations
Four-transistor continuous-time MOS transconductor

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