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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 2, 16 January 1987

Volume 23, Issue 2

16 January 1987

Monte Carlo simulation of GaAs Schottky barrier behaviour
Single-laser high-selectivity bidirectional transmission system for local-area-network applications
Self-aligned AlGaAs/GaAs HBT with InGaAs emitter cap layer
Calculation of the radiation losses of groove-guidee-plane bends
Comparison of regenerator tolerance to sinusoidal and Gaussian alignment jitter
Bulk waves radiated from an interdigital metallic transducer deposited on an anisotropic substrate
Coupled-mode analysis of a periodic array of diode lasers
Signal transmission with optical carriers in multimode range of single-mode fibres
Ti:LiNbO3 intersecting waveguides
Optical damage resistance of ion-implanted LiNbO3 waveguides
Bulk-acoustic-wave transducer consisting of interdigital electrodes on a grooved surface of LiNbO3
Low-voltage modulator and self-biased self-electro-optic-effect device
Very high-transconductance heterojunction field-effect transistor (HFET)
Tolerance requirements for the drawing ratio of single-mode fibres with arbitrary refractive-index profile
Class E switching-mode power amplifier for high-frequency electric process heating applications
M-Profile ray tracing technique for multipath propagation
Gold-based gate-sinking enhanced by inhomogeneities in power MESFETs
Aging characteristics of AlGaInP/GaInP visible-light lasers (λL = 678 nm)
Reflector-backed perfectly blazed strip gratings simulate corrugated reflector effects
Static random-access memory based on self-aligned-gate (Al,Ga)As/n+-GaAs superlattice modulation-doped FETs
Adaptive LSP filter
Tailoring the I/V characteristics of a superlattice tunnel diode
Novel nonresonant optoelectronic logic device
Wavelength dependence of high-performance AlGaAs/GaAs waveguide phase modulators
Opening the knapsack by DFTs

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