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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 18, 27 August 1987

Volume 23, Issue 18

27 August 1987

High-speed all-optical gate switching experiment in a Fabry-Perot semiconductor laser amplifier
Microwave energy scattered off building surfaces shows strong dependence on orientation of city blocks
New polarisation-insensitive detection technique for coherent optical fibre heterodyne communications
Impedance switching effects in GaAs/AlAs barrier structures
Power penalty in bit error rate due to limited transmission bandwidth
Theoretical radiation resistance of an isolated slot ring resonator
Characteristic impedance of stripline
Double-heterojunction bipolar transistors in InP/GaInAs grown by metal organic chemical vapour deposition
8-bit micropower algorithmic A/D convertor
Improved (conference) public-key distribution system based on matrices
Direct supermode analysis of phase-locked diode laser arrays
AlGaAs/GaAs bipolar transistors with a modulation-doped superlattice emitter
High-power operation of a transverse-mode stabilised AlGaInp visible light (λL = 683 nm) semiconductor laser
Highly reliable multilevel channel coding system using binary convolutional codes
High-power, wide-bandwidth, 1.55 μm-wavelength GaInAsP/InP distributed feedback laser
Laser power sharing in the subscriber loop
Field patterns of TM0 modes in a shielded dielectric resonator
Low-noise SIS heterodyne receiver at 230 GHz
High-performance guided-wave multi/demultiplexer based on novel design using embedded gradient-index waveguides in glass
GaInAsP/InP unstable resonator lasers
Wideband monolithic GaAs amplifier using cascodes
Nonlinear vibrations and hysteresis of micromachined silicon resonators designed as frequency-out sensors
Long-wavelength PINFET receiver OEIC on a GaAs-on-InP heterostructure
Nonlinear distortion produced by an injection-locked laser
Simple method for detecting water penetration into optical fibre cables
Switched-capacitor neural networks
Measured pulse-stuffing jitter in asynchronous ds-1/sonet multiplexing with and without stuff-threshold modulation circuit
Direct interferometric measurement of nonlinear refractive index of optical fibres by crossphase modulation
Optimum fibre parameters of low-loss single-mode optical fibres for use in 1.55μm-wavelength region
Design of elliptically symmetric two-dimensional FIR filters with arbitrary orientation
Tables of integrals: misprint in a convolution-type integral with Gauss-Laguerre functions
Hydrogen plasma etching of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon
Fast and dense low-power multiple-valued I2L circuit
Avalanche noise associated with gate current of Si JFET
Implementation of multistage space-switch interconnections via the perfect shuffle
Optimised class-E amplifier with load variation
Crossconnection of wavelength-division-multiplexed high-speed channels

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