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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 16, 30 July 1987

Volume 23, Issue 16

30 July 1987

Testing of complex gates
Modification of a public-key cryptosystem
Neodymium-doped fluoro-zirconate fibre laser
High-quality factors for a sapphire-loaded superconducting cavity resonator
Picosecond pulse response of a travelling-wave semiconductor laser amplifier
Behaviour of a novel cylindrical glass fibre optical coupler buried in KDP
Characteristics of inhomogeneous coupled cylindrical striplines
Complete and rigorous analysis of electromagnetically coupled transverse microstrip dipole
Demonstration of high capacity in the LAMBDANET architecture: a multiwavelength optical network
1.55 μm narrow-linewidth multielectrode DFB laser for coherent FSK transmission
Numerical technique for determining steady-state response of nonlinear circuits to multitone input signals
Approach to modelling of microstrip-microslot applicator
Realisation of integrated-optical absorbers for Ti:LiNbO3
Rician envelope estimation and confidence intervals in low signal/noise levels
Fibre-optic magnetic sensor utilising metal-coated fibre
Radiation characteristics of microstrip arrays with parasitic elements
Comparison between the Jacoby-Kost and Horiguchi-Morita binary two-thirds rate modulation codes
Aryabhata algorithm for polynomials
InGaAsP buried heterostructure laser with 22 GHz bandwidth and high modulation efficiency
Fabrication of a new type of field-effect transistor using neutralisation of shallow donors by atomic hydrogen in n-GaAs (Si)
High-power aging tests of 1.3 and 1.5 μm VIPS lasers
Very low-noise HEMTs using a 0.2μm T-gate
Bend losses in GaAs/AlGaAs optical waveguides
Optical frequency shifter using linearly birefringent monomode fibre
Guided-wave acousto-optic interaction on proton-exchanged lithium tantalate
Huygens-type formula for curvature loss from dielectric waveguides in optoelectronics
Helicoidal director for circularly polarised waves
Electroabsorption in GaAs quantum-well waveguides
Minimisation of mutual coupling effect on null steering by using guard elements
GaAs/AlGaAs ridge waveguide laser monolithically integrated with a photodetector using ion beam etching
Reactive ion etching of GaAs using a mixture of methane and hydrogen
Spatial filtering method of oblique slit for measurement of refractive-index profile of optical-fibre preforms
1.2 Gbit/s optical DPSK heterodyne detection transmission system using monolithic external-cavity DFB LDs
New analytical expression for the drain current of short-channel MOS transistors in the triode region
Graphical technique for crosstalk timing analysis
Low-threshold CW operation of an erbium-doped fibre laser pumped at 807 nm wavelength
Erratum: New classes of complementary signals
Erratum: Fabrication of twin-rectangular-cored fibre couplers
Erratum: Multiplexing of interferometric sensors using phase-generated carrier techniques

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