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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 15, 16 July 1987

Volume 23, Issue 15

16 July 1987

Improving the performance of nonplanar systolic architectures through increased fan-out
Variable-data-rate systems applicable to fading satellite channels
Wideband microstrip balanced mixer
High-efficiency Nd-doped fibre lasers using direct-coated dielectric mirrors
Reduced-complexity digital filtering structures using primitive operations
Novel 93 GHz injection-locked impatt oscillator
High-power etched-facet lasers
Analysis of an interferometric optical fibre detection technique applied to silicon vibrating sensors
Precise realisation of an insensitive floating negative admittance convertor
Minimal transistor-only micropower integrated VHF active filter
Nonlinear interpolation of TV image sequences
Excitations providing maximum directivity for difference arrays of discrete elements
Pigtailed high-finesse tunable fibre Fabry-Perot interferometers with large, medium and small free spectral ranges
Optical sampling of GHz charge density modulation in silicon bipolar junction transistors
Accuracy of method of moments and weighted index method
Transformer-tuned front-ends for heterodyne optical receivers
Improved design of tuned optical receivers
5 GHz-spaced, eight-channel, guided-wave tunable multi/demultiplexer for optical FDM transmission systems
Subreflector shaping to improve multiple-beam performance of a Cassegrain antenna
Second-harmonic generation in single crystals of 2-(N,N-dimethylamino)-5-nitroacetanilide (DAN) at 1.3 μm
Low-loss optical stripe waveguides in LiNbO3 formed by He+ implantation
Fast computation of A * B modulo N
Electromagnetic scattering by inhomogeneous dielectric cylinders
Reduction of bend losses in Ti:LiNbO3 waveguides through MgO double diffusion
Garbage collection coprocessor system
Transconductance dependence on gate length for GaAs gate SISFETs
16 Gbit/s direct modulation of an InGaAsP laser
Polarisation switching in a single-frequency external-cavity semiconductor laser
Ferrite tunable metal insert filter
Improved scheduling of traffic for a high-speed slotted ring
Automatic formant estimation algorithm based on pointwise analysis
Public key cryptosystem using a reciprocal number with same intractability as factoring a large number
kth least significant bit of a plaintext in reciprocal number cryptosystem
Base station multicoupler design for UK cellular radio systems

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