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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 10, 7 May 1987

Volume 23, Issue 10

7 May 1987

Higher-density single-mode optical fibre cables than 1 fibre/mm2, containing hundreds of fibres
Instabilities in numerical inversion of Laplace transforms using Taylor series approach
Case study of line-of-sight microwave multipath propagation
All-optical switching in prism coupling to semiconductor-doped glass waveguides
Low-threshold GaAs/GaAlAs buried heterostructure laser with an ion-beam-etched quarter ring cavity
Channel reallocatable onboard baseband switch
Differential phase contrast acoustic microscopy using tilted transducers
Hybrid optical bistability based on increasing absorption in depletion layer of an Si Schottky seed device
Pressure dependence of threshold current and carrier lifetime in 1.55 μm GaInAsP lasers
Laser recrystallised SOI with periodical seeding filled by selective epitaxial growth
Identity-based conference key distribution system
Combined space and adaptive correlation diversity in the CD900 system
Novel method for realising lossless floating immittance using current conveyors
Validity of kL evaluation by stopband method for λ/4 DFB lasers with low reflecting facets
Monolithic integrated waveguide photodetector
Multivalued dynamic circuits
Supercomplementary sets of sequences
Single-polarisation single-mode guidance in stress-induced birefringence fibres with lossy stress-applying sections
New pseudorandom encoding technique for shaft encoders with any desired resolution
Monolithic integration of a transverse-junction stripe laser and metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors on a semi-insulating GaAs substrate
Observation of two-colour gain saturation in an optical amplifier
High-efficiency quasimicrowave GaAs FET power amplifier
Polarisation-insensitive heterodyne detection using polarisation scrambling
SAW quartz cuts with low stress and temperature sensitivity
Exciton electroabsorption at room temperature in InGaAs/InP multiquantum-well structures grown by atmospheric-pressure MOCVD
Properties of quarter-wave-shifted DFB lasers in the presence of a taper
Design parameters for a 1.3μm connectorised low-cost laser package for subscriber loop using graded-index lenses
Azimuthal filtering technique for effective LP11 cutoff wavelength measurement in optical fibres
All single-mode optical fibre wavelength-tunable WDM with very narrow pass/stopband separations
Narrow-linewidth laser with a prism grating/GRIN rod lens combination serving as external cavity
2.4 W CW 770 nm laser arrays with nonabsorbing mirrors
110 GHz high-efficiency photodiodes fabricated from indium tin oxide/GaAs
Al0.45Ga0.55As/GaAs HEMTs grown by MOVPE exhibiting high transconductance
New lossless tunable floating FDNR simulation using two current conveyors and an INIC
New accurate and simple equivalent circuit for circular E-plane bends in rectangular waveguide
Proposal of an optical triggering scheme for bistable semiconductor lasers: combination with photoconductors
Simple explicit formula for calculating the LP11 mode cutoff frequency
Dielectrically shielded microstrip (DSM) lines
Femtosecond soliton Raman ring laser
Direct two's-complement algorithm for xy ± z
High-speed waveguide optical modulator made from GaSb/AlGaSb multiple quantum wells (MQWs)
Duplex-diplex optical transmission in the 1300 nm and 1500 nm fibre windows: an installed system

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