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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 1, 2 January 1987

Volume 23, Issue 1

2 January 1987

Model for the switching voltage of miss devices based on an analogy with the thyristor
Waveguide-integrated pin photodiode on InP
Extended power method and stability of linear discrete-time systems
Generation of a single-lobe radiation pattern from a phased-array laser using a near-contact variable phase-shift zone plate
Growth temperature dependence of low-noise MESFET in molecular-beam epitaxy
Characterisation of n-channel germanium MOSFET with gate insulator formed by high-pressure thermal oxidation
Influence of impurities on loss increase in optical fibre
Very high-transconductance short-channel GaAs MESFETs with Ga0.3Al0.7As buffer layer
Frequency modulation and spectral characteristics for a 1.5μm phase-tunable DFB laser
Single-mode single-polarisation fibre using resonant absorbing effect
Resolution of moment equations in a nonlinear optical amplifier
Molybdenum germanide ohmic contact to n-GaAs
Nonlinear feedback control of a class of nonlinear systems
Quasisinusoidal oscillators with cubic-type nonlinearity
Current-mirror phase-shifter oscillator
Wideband variable peaking AGC amplifier for high-speed lightwave digital transmission
Dispersion of pure GeO2 glass core and f-doped GeO2 glass cladding single-mode optical fibre
Comment: Temperature distribution on ceramic substrates
Reply: Temperature distribution on ceramic substrates
Mutual coupling between circular disc microstrip antennas
Resonant tunnelling electron spectroscopy
Low-loss TM-pass polariser fabricated by proton exchange for z-cut ti:LiNbO3 waveguides
General probability density function of packet service times for computer networks
Efficient frequency up-conversion via energy transfer in fluoride glasses
Entirely VPE-grown 1-5μm DFB lasers with low threshold currents
Slope angle influence on silicon doping in AlGaAs/GaAs MBE-grown on stepped surface of (100) GaAs substrate
Ti:LiNbO3 three-waveguide polarisation splitter
InGaAs PIN photodiodes grown on GaAs substrates by metal organic vapour phase epitaxy
Soi by wafer bonding with spin-on glass as adhesive
Numerical convergence in calculating the propagation constants by the transverse modal analysis technique
Multiple-wave generation due to four-wave mixing in a single-mode fibre
Observations on 2 and 7.5 GHz microwave links during dust storms
Novel sorter architecture for image processing rank order filters
Sensitivity of driving-point function based wave digital filters
Very broadband flat coupling hybrid ring
Coherent optical fibre system with Zeeman lasers
Fabrication and characterisation of circularly birefringent helical fibres
Wide-bandwidth and high-power 1.3μm InGaAsP buried crescent lasers with semi-insulating Fe-doped InP current blocking layers
Microwave characterisation of 1 μm-gate AI0.48In0.52As/Ga0.47In0.53As/InP MODFETs
Simple method for measuring hot-electron temperature in GaAs
Practical method of measuring reflection-induced power penalties in single-mode fibre transmission systems
Phase-shifted diffraction-grating fabrication using holographic wavefront reconstruction
Narrowband digital voice communications over a meteor burst channel

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