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Electronics Letters

Volume 22, Issue 25, 4 December 1986

Volume 22, Issue 25

4 December 1986

Improvement In AlGaAs/GaAs HBT power gains with buried proton-implanted layer
Aberration of GRIN-rod lenses in single-mode optical devices
Comment: Two new types of hazard in asynchronous circuits
Reply: Two new types of hazard in asynchronous circuits
Scorpion DAC: a new family of switched-capacitor D/A convertors
New analytical solution for a current/voltage characteristic of space-charge-limited currents with a nonlinear velocity-field relationship
Non-Gaussian model for fundamental-mode field in single-mode optical fibres
Computation of even-order elliptic filter functions
Low-temperature CW operation of GaInAsP/InP surface-emitting laser with circular buried heterostructure
Coupled mode analysis of wavefront properties of phased array diode lasers
94 GHz microstrip monolithic GaAs mixer
8 Gbit/s return-to-zero modulation of a semiconductor laser by gain-switching
Dual-band antenna for telemetry, tracking and control (TTC) of satellites at Ku-band
Optimal structure for microgrooved cooling fin for high-power LSI devices
Circuit contributions to alpha-particle sensitivity in DRAMs
Coherent optical fibre delay-line processor
Observation and analysis of noise due to birefringence modulation in a fibre-optic gyroscope
Activation energy of Cd in in1−xGaxAsyP1−y on InP (for y = 0 to 1)
Exact calculation of phase-locked loop lock-in frequency
Endless polarisation control experiment with three elements of limited birefringence range
Laser-diode/multimode-fibre coupling analysis using a planoconvex GRIN lens
New trapdoor knapsack cryptosystem
Patch antenna bandwidth increase by means of a director
Transform-limited 5.6 ps optical pulse generation at 12 GHz repetition rate from gain-switched distributed feedback laser diode by employing pulse compression technique

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