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Electronics Letters

Volume 22, Issue 23, 6 November 1986

Volume 22, Issue 23

6 November 1986

Improved algorithm based on pole enhancement for estimation of the vocal tract frequency response
Planar surface buried-heterostructure InGaAsP/InP lasers with hydride VPE-grown Fe-doped highly resistive current-blocking layers
Application of electro-optic frequency shifters in heterodyne interferometric systems
MOVPE growth and characteristics of Fe-doped semi-insulating InP layers
TDMA fibre-optic network with optical processing
Taylor series approach to functional approximation for inversion of Laplace transforms
Analysis of fused couplers by the effective-index method
Control of section-asymmetry crosstalk in Δβ-reversal directional coupler switches
Injection-locking of a wide-stripe AlGaAs/GaAs GRIN-SCH SQW laser
Design of minimum-phase FIR digital filter through cepstrum
Polarisation characteristics of fused-fibre coupler as quarter-wave device in 1.55μm-wavelength region
Flip-flop circuit using a resonant-tunnelling hot electron transistor (RHET)
Optical third-harmonic generation from Langmuir-Blodgett merocyanine dye thin films
Spectral linewidth of an AlGaAs/GaAs DFB-TJS external-cavity laser with optical phase control loop
Temperature dependence of resonant frequency in optically excited diaphragms
Early effect of high-current-gain heterojunction bipolar transistor
Thickness determination for silicon-on-insulator structures
Fibre couplers composed of unequal cores
Wideband 1.5μm optical receiver using travelling-wave laser amplifier
Quantum-well-doped FET (QUD-FET)
GaAs/AlGaAs directional coupler switch with submillimetre device length
Production of silicon oxides from glow discharge decomposition of silane and nitric oxide
Characteristics of separated-gate JFETs
Analysis of multiple-quantum-well distributed feedback laser
Cabled-fibre, 1.6Gbit/s, 1550nm transmission experiment
Application of coupled-mode theory to nearly parallel waveguide systems
Designing cellular parasitic-insensitive SC-ladder filters suitable for mask-programmable manufacture
Performance of corrugated and dielectric-loaded metallic-conical horns
Dichroism evaluation in high-birefringence fibres by means of crosstalk measurements
Serial/parallel modules for complex arithmetic
Efficient ARQ with time diversity reception technique—a time diversity ARQ
Laser-MESFET optoelectronic integration on GaAs: a simple technological process
Optically induced drift effects in lithium niobate electro-optic waveguide devices operating at a wavelength of 1.51μm
Analysis of latch-up holding voltage for shallow trench CMOS
Accurate calculation of depletion-layer profile in a periodic metal-semiconductor array
621 nm CW operation (0%C) of AlGaInP visible semiconductor lasers
Indium tin oxide/GaAs photodiodes for millimetric-wave applications
Very high speed operation of planar InGaAs/InP photodiode detectors
Resonance in self-oscillating antennas
10 GHz frequency-convertor silicon bipolar MMIC
Erratum: Acousto-optic frequency shifting in ordinary single-mode fibre
Erratum: High return loss connector design without using fibre contact or index matching

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