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Electronics Letters

Volume 22, Issue 21, 9 October 1986

Volume 22, Issue 21

9 October 1986

Junction CCD optical line sensor
Newly structured 512 Mbit/s high-speed time-division switch
Over 300 km transmission experiment on an optical FSK heterodyne dual filter detection system
Optical activation of a silicon vibrating sensor
Analysis of singular systems using Taylor series approach
Parallel architecture for prototype training
Wavelength-division-multiplexed optical transmission system with single-mode fibre and a dual-wavelength hybrid laser light source
Switched-capacitor integrator with reduced sensitivity to amplifier gain
Polarisation-dependent gain spectrum of a 1.5 μm travelling-wave optical amplifier
On-chip activation of superlattice detectors via light coupled out laterally from optical fibres
r-GRIN TiO2-SiO2 glass rods prepared by a sol-gel method
Coupling efficiency and sensitivity of an LED to a single-mode fibre
Linear Pockels response of a monolayer Langmuir-Blodgett film
Design of asymmetric quarter-wave-shifted DFB semiconductor lasers
High-sensitivity direct-detection receiver with a 1.5 μm optical preamplifier
Symmetric two-target monopulse angle estimator
Submilliampere lasing of Zn-diffused mesa buried-hetero AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs multi-quantum-well lasers at 77 K
Digital decoding of in-line holograms for imaging fractal aggregates
Optical transmission using PSK-modulated subcarriers at frequencies to 16 GHz
On-board K-band multibeam antenna configuration with low sidelobes and low crosspolarisation
1.0 dB low-loss coupling of laser diode to single-mode fibre using a planoconvex graded-index rod lens
High-frequency performance of lattice-strained heterojunction GaInAs/GaAs bipolar transistors
3B2T-RBS—an efficient transmission method for digital fibre-optic communications
Very high-rejection optical fibre filters
New technique for analysing planar waveguides with finite metallisation thickness
All-optical switching effects in a passive GaAs/GaAlAs multiple-quantum-well waveguide resonator
Compact dual-mode dielectric-loaded horn
Single-mode behaviour of a multimode 1.55 μm laser with a fibre grating external cavity
Graphical analysis of dynamic response of optical bistable devices
Measurement of cutoff wavelength of single-mode fibre with periodic perturbation of fibre axis
Exact cancellation of rain differential phase shift by a rotating polariser
Comparison of amplifier gain enhancement techniques for GaAs MESFET analogue integrated circuits
Dependence of bit error rate performance on extinction ratio of a Ti:LiNbO3 intensity modulator
Acousto-optic frequency shifting in ordinary single-mode fibre
Current sensors using highly birefringent bow-tie fibres
High-speed 1.3 μm DFB laser with modified DCPBH stucture
Low-threshold ridge waveguide lasers at λ=1.5 μm
MOCVD growth of selectively doped AlInAs/GaInAs heterostructures and its application to HIFETs (heterointerface FETs)
InGaAs/InAlGaAs hot-electron transistors with current gain of 15
Digital controller for closed-loop drive of step motors

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