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Electronics Letters

Volume 22, Issue 10, 8 May 1986

Volume 22, Issue 10

8 May 1986

Crosspolarisation from plane and hyperbolic offset frequency-selective reflectors
Improved molecular beam epitaxial growth of InP using solid sources
Single-mode 1.3 μm optical fibre link for analogue multichannel television
Operation of a high-frequency photodiode-HEMT hybrid photoreceiver at 10 GHz
First successful fabrication of high-performance all-refractory-metal (Ta-Au) GaAs FET using very highly doped N+-layers and nonalloyed ohmic contacts
Evaluation of current density distribution in MESFET gates
Evaluating the impulse response of a first-order 2-D recursive filter
Circular birefringence in helical-core fibre
Bidirectional fibre-optic link using reflective modulation
Visible-region optical absorption property for germanium-doped silica optical fibres induced by UV light propagation
Cascadable low-power gain-stabilised limiting amplifier stage
Floating-impedance realisation using a dual operational-mirrored amplifier
Effect of mismatch on antenna gain measurement by Purcell's method
Metallic E-plane filter with cavities of different cutoff frequency
Magnetoelastic amorphous metal fluxgate magnetometer
Low-threshold inGaAsP ridge-waveguide laser fabricated by a new contacting system
Bidirectional fibre-optical transmission using a multiple-quantum-well (MQW) modulator/detector
Crosspolar cancellation for partial frequency reuse Earth stations
Balanced systems and model reduction
Compensator for static nonlinearities—design and application
Bidirectional 2 Mbit/s transmission over a single fibre using electrical echo cancellation
New simple one-end splice loss measurement method using an OTDR for single-mode optical fibre
Electron mobility within 100 nm of the Si/sapphire interface in double-solid-phase epitaxially regrown SOS
Natural linewidth of semiconductor lasers
Use of unidirectional data flow in bit-level systolic array chips
Assessment of switching speed of optical bistability in semiconductor laser amplifiers
3.8 Gbit/s bipolar master/slave D-flip-flop IC as a basic element for high-speed optical communication systems
Efficiency of III-V compound electro-optic phase modulators
All-fibre gyroscope using depolarised superluminescent diode
Sidewall slotted waveguide array antenna with low crosspolar radiation
Incoherent imaging of radar targets
Switched reflection phase shifter
Self-consistent multilongitudinal-mode model for cleaved-coupled-cavity semiconductor lasers
Wideband frequency scanning of a stabilised semiconductor laser
Aperture-coupling of a rectangular microstrip resonator
Application of Brillouin amplification in coherent optical transmission
Secure data optical fibre multiple-access communication technique
Radiation-hardened n-channel MOSFET achieved by a combination of polysilicon sidewall and SIMOX technology
Zero-order supermode discrimination in semiconductor laser arrays
High-power 60 GHz monolithic GaAs impatt diodes

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