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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 9, 25 April 1985

Volume 21, Issue 9

25 April 1985

Equalisation of semiconductor diode laser frequency modulation with a passive network
Sensitivity improvement in digital microwave signal analysis
Antireflection coatings on lithium niobate waveguide devices using electron beam evaporated yttrium oxide
Reduction of computational cost in DFT implementation of FIR digital filters
Computationally efficient algorithm for implementing multipulse LPC analysis
Longitudinal-mode behaviour of λ/4-shifted InGaAsP/InP DFB lasers
Transmission over 107 km of dispersion-shifted fibre at 16 Mbit/s using a 1.55 μm edge-emitting source
Simple derivation of six-port reflectometer equations
Observation of heavy-hole and light-hole excitons in InGaAs/InAlAs MQW structures at room temperature
Sheet electron concentration at the heterointerface in Al0.48In0.52As/Ga0.47In0.53As modulation-doped structures
Narrow spectral linewidth characteristics of monolithic integrated-passive-cavity InGaAsP/InP semiconductor lasers
2–20 GHz hybrid GaAs MESFET distributed amplifier
How to forge RSA key certificates
Crosspolarisation and gain reduction due to sand or dust on microwave reflector antennas
Quick stability test for 2-D digital filters
Monolithic InGaAs photodiode array illuminated through an integrated waveguide
Simulation study of reactively steered adaptive arrays
New class of high-performance PTAT current sources
Fabrication of MOSFETs in Si/CaF2/Si heteroepitaxial structures
Tunable optical multi/demultiplexer for optical FDM transmission system
Technique for offset voltage cancellation in MOS operational amplifiers
Optical transmission with single-mode fibres and edge-emitting diodes
High-frequency modulation of 1.52 μm vapour-phase-transported InGaAsP lasers
Shape adaptive activity controlled multistage gain shape vector quantisation of images
Measurement of the Raman crosstalk at 1.5 μm in a wavelength-division-multiplexed transmission system
Noise comparison of biased and unbiased even-harmonic Josephson mixers
Novel switched logic CMOS latch building block
GaAs FET as a light transducer
Mode transition matrices for fibre-optic connectors
New positive-impedance convertor suitable for high-frequency application
Low-threshold InGaAsP buried-crescent stop-cleaved lasers for monolithic integration
Algorithms for fault identification in a diagnosable multiprocessor system
Low-temperature epitaxial growth of GaAs on (100) silicon substrates
Novel approach to multiplexer simulation and sensitivity analysis
Microwave PIN diodes for GaAs IC
GaAs saw-tooth superlattice light-emitting diode operating monochromatically at λ ≥ 0.9 μm

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