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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 6, 14 March 1985

Volume 21, Issue 6

14 March 1985

Measurement of field spectra of 1.3 μm InGaAsP DFB lasers
Disordering by Zn-diffusion of InGaAs/InAlAs MQW superlattice structure grown by MBE
600 MHz optical signal transmission at the 3 μm band using a fluoride optical fibre and a superconducting detector
Photorefractive determination of the sign of photocarriers in InP and GaAs
First-order SC filter section with interpolating output
Threshold modelling of MOSFETs for CAD of CMOS-VLSI
Leakage at low electric fields in thin oxides
New cut of quartz for SAW devices with extremely small temperature coefficient
Statistics of Rayleigh backscatter from a single-mode optical fibre
Effect of third-order dispersion of optical fibre on soliton interaction
Monopulse angular accuracy for fluctuating targets
Linewidth measurements of a 1.5 μm range DFB laser
On Lewin's theory of waveguide coupling by rectangular slots
Two counterexamples to Šiljak's conjecture
Controllable nonreciprocal optical phase shifter
New proposal for a high-speed high-resolution analogue/digital convertor with reduced component count
Optical flip-flop
Shunt-inductance-coupled waveguide filters with expanded second stopband
20 GHz active mode-locking of a 1.55 μm InGaAsP laser
CW operation of a cleaved-coupled-cavity array of phase-locked GaAlAs lasers
Modulation-doped FET DCML comparator
Polarisation holding in long-length polarising fibres
Fibre optic interferometer using integrated optics
Direct frequency modulation of a semiconductor laser by acoustic waves
All-fibre wavelength filters using concatenated fused-taper couplers
All-fibre polarising beamsplitter
All-fibre polarisation splitter/combiner
Tandem switching characteristics for laser diode optical switches
High-efficiency Ka- and Ku-band MESFET oscillators

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