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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 5, 28 February 1985

Volume 21, Issue 5

28 February 1985

Observation of second-harmonic generation from a Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer of a merocyanine dye
High-performance thin-film barretter mount for power measurement in W-band
Practical performance of a microwave distributed MESFET mixer
Active mode-locking of an InGaAsP 1.55 μm laser in a fibre resonator with an integrated single-mode-fibre output port
Effectively nonreciprocal evanescent-wave optical-fibre directional coupler
Scaling-free McClellan transform for 2-D digital filters
110 GHz GaAs FET oscillator
Mode selectivity in DFB lasers with cleaved facets
High-speed GaInAs Schottky photodetector
Operation trial of 400 Mbit/s submarine optical transmission system
Multiport optical fibre switch using a new hexagonal prism design
New design of a dual-mode quartz crystal oscillator
Phase accuracy and stability of quadrature IF demodulators
Effects of dispersion in a 565 Mbit/s optical fibre laboratory system
Linearity and efficiency improvement by active compensation in IMPATT amplifiers
Intermodulation distortion improvement by active compensation in impatt amplifiers
Bit error rate evaluation of optical signals amplified via stimulated Raman process in an optical fibre
Polarisation-dependent gain-current relationship in InGaAs/InGaAlAs/InAlAs SCH-MQW laser diodes
1.52 μm room-temperature photon-counting optical time domain reflectometer
Experimental gain and noise figure performance of distributed MESFET amplifiers
Direct streak-camera observation of picosecond gain-switched optical pulses from a 1.5 μm semiconductor laser
Novel bipolar differential input/output current-controlled current source
Dependence of linewidth enhancement factor α on waveguide structure in semiconductor lasers
Design and fabrication of dispersion-shifted depressed-clad triangular-profile (DDT) single-mode fibre
Reduction of sidelobe level by improved strut design for low F/D Cassegrain antennas
New automatic control of returned light into frequency stabilised semiconductor laser
Hydroxyl production in optical fibres coated with hydrogen-free plastic materials
High-power and high-speed GaAlAs-GaAs LEDs fabricated by MOCVD growth
Proposal to use reflected signals through a single Butler matrix to produce multiple beams from a circular array antenna
Effects of channel shapes on MOSFET hot-electron resistance
Three-dimensional systolic architecture for beamforming
SNR comparison between two designs of PFM demodulator used to demodulate PFM or FM
Absolute-type pseudorandom shaft encoder with any desired resolution
Erratum: Stray-insensitive differential input stages for A/D convertors

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