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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 3, 31 January 1985

Volume 21, Issue 3

31 January 1985

Fabrication of widegap-emitter Schottky-collector transistor using GaInAs/InP
Use of FFT in microstrip capacitance calculations
Digital transversal filter architecture
Theoretical analysis of the coupling between whispering-gallery dielectric resonator modes and transmission lines
Fibre-optic Solc filter for use in Raman amplification of light
Novel measuring method for spectral linewidth of laser diodes using fibre-optic ring resonator
Remote displacement measurements using a laser diode
Etched-coupled-cavity InGaAsP/InP lasers
Relative convergence for moment-method solutions of integral equations of the first kind as applied to dichroic problems
Coupled-slot fin-line isolators
Fundamental characteristics of an InGaAsP/InP laser transistor
Scattering from finite extent frequency selective surfaces illuminated by arbitrary sources
Effect of intermodulation in multichannel optical heterodyne systems
Reduction of laser chirp in 1.5 μm DFB lasers by modulation pulse shaping
45 GHz active HEMT mixer
68.3 km transmission with 1.37 Tbit km/s capacity using wavelength division multiplexing of ten single-frequency lasers at 1.5 μm
Novel RF magnetic probe using LED linked with optical fibre
Theoretical analysis of the nonlinear behaviour of a loss-free distributed amplifier
8 GHz, 10 W solid-state power amplifier for microwave digital radio
Radiometric measurement of antenna efficiency
Longitudinal coupling between elements in a disc-on-rod antenna array
Packaged frequency-stable tunable 20 kHz linewidth 1.5 μm InGaAsP external cavity laser
Comparative reliability study of GaAs power MESFETs: mechanisms for surface-induced degradation and a reliable solution
Bandwidth-limited picosecond pulse generation by hybrid mode-locking in a ring cavity GaAlAs laser
Single-lobe phased-array diode lasers
Seven-port millimetre-wave reflectometer
Fibre-coupled Fabry-Perot wavelength demultiplexer
Shallow p+ layers in In0.53Ga0.47As by Hg implantation
Erratum: Coherent pulse generation by active modelocking of a GaAlAs laser in a Selfoc lens extended resonator
Erratum: Switching circuits for yield-enhancement of an array chip

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