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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 23, 7 November 1985

Volume 21, Issue 23

7 November 1985

Distributed temperature sensing in solid-core fibres
New insulated-gate inverted structure AlGaAs/GaAs/n-AlGaAs HEMT ring oscillator
Variational analysis of fused tapered couplers
Frequency chirping of external modulation and its reduction
Application of a six-port network to a near-field antenna measurement system
Streak camera study of ultrashort pulse propagation in a weakly multimode optical fibre
Comment: New class of high-performance PTAT current sources
Reply: New class of high-performance PTAT current sources
Time division multiplexed OTDR system
New field measurement system for single-mode fibre dispersion utilising wavelength division multiplexing technique
Variability of worst-month quotient Q
Calculation of approximate propagation characteristics for any given two-dimensional optical waveguide
Gain measurements of InGaAsP 1.5 μm optical amplifiers
Novel LiNbO3 integrated-optic component for coherent optical heterodyne detection
Fused couplers of arbitrary cross-section
Homogeneous gyrator-chain networks
Linewidth broadening and mode splitting due to weak feedback in single-frequency 1.5 μm lasers
Efficient modular design of m-out-of-2m TSC checkers, for m=2K−1, K>2
CW operation at - 10°C for InGaAlP visible light laser diodes grown by MOCVD
ASK heterodyne receiver sensitivity measurements with two in-line 1.5 μm optical amplifiers
Loss of temporal coherence due to fibre chromatic dispersion
Stripe-structure dependence of frequency modulation characteristics of AlGaAs lasers
26.5 GHz bandwidth InGaAsP lasers with tight optical confinement
Threshold voltage adjustable process for self-aligned gate GaAs JFET
Some practical considerations for depolarisation compensation in 14/11 and 14/12 GHz communications satellite systems
Amplitude scintillation cycles in a SIRIO satellite-Earth link
Beam waves with sources at complex location
Linewidth determination from electrical noise measurements on semiconductor lasers
Mutual impedance and coupling coefficient between two ‘patches’ expressed through analytical forms
InGaAs photoconductor failure observation
Fabrication of thin silicon-on-insulator flims using laser recrystallisation
Approximate analytic forms for the propagation characteristics of single-mode optical fibres
Polarising anisotropic fibres and their leaky modes
Novel mechanism for fabrication of high-power superluminescent light-emitting diodes (SLDs)
Ionospheric and geographical effects on the choice of tactical and point-to-point HF antenna systems
Novel polar frequency discriminator
Computationally efficient modified Fano algorithm for sequential decoding
Two-junction cascade solar cell incorporating a high-conductance MOCVD-grown interconnecting junction
Fundamental surface-wave effects on microstrip antenna radiation
Crosstalk due to stimulated Brillouin scattering in monomode fibre
Linewidth enhancement, frequency modulation and instabilities of gain-guided semiconductor lasers
Complementary circuit with AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure MISFETs employing high-mobility two-dimensional electron and hole gases

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