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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 19, 12 September 1985

Volume 21, Issue 19

12 September 1985

Automatic manufacture of polished single-mode-fibre directional coupler
Frequency and polarisation scaling of microwave attenuation during rainfall
Millimetre-wave dielectric waveguide ferrite phase shifter with longitudinal magnetisation
Wide-margin Josephson-junction A/D convertor using redundant coding
Fast-fading characterisation in urban mobile propagation at 855 MHz in Paris
1.55 μm InGaAsP low-threshold buried-crescent injection laser
Design of error tolerance of a phased array
Applied potential tomography (APT) for noninvasive thermal imaging during hyperthermia treatment
GaInAs PIN photodiodes grown by atmospheric-pressure MOVPE
High-power superluminescent diode with reduced coherence length
Required grading length to eliminate the heterojunction spike in npn In0.52Al0.48As/In0.53Ga0.47As/InP bipolar transistors
Computer-aided design of dielectric resonator filters in waveguide sections below cutoff
Monolithic 2.1 Gbit/s decision circuit with a decision threshold ambiguity width of less than 10 mV
Effective screen for fast aging InGaAsP BH lasers using electrical derivatives
Comment: Effect of magnetic field on n+nn+ GaAs ballistic diode
Reply: Effect of magnetic field on n+nn+ GaAs ballistic diode
Intrinsic lineshape and FM response of modulated semiconductor lasers
Limits to power transmission in optical fibres
Transmission loss behaviour of PCVD fibres in H2 atmosphere
Single-frequency operation of an optically pumped monolithic Nd:YAG laser at 1.3 μm
Gigahertz-band analogue switch using bipolar super self-aligned process technology
New test structure for VLSI self-test: the structured test register (STR)
Effect of photon lifetime on absorptive bistability in inhomogeneously pumped lasers
Origin of spurious modes in the analysis of optical fibre using the finite-element or finite-difference technique
Loss-limited transmission at 140 Mbit/s over 30 km of single-mode fibre using a 1.3 μm LED
Millimetre-wave microstrip subharmonically pumped mixer
Digital communication receiver with integrated MAP synchronisation and ML demodulation
Biconical taper coaxial optical fibre coupler
Circuit theoretic analysis of resonance transformers
Demodulation of optical DPSK using in-phase and quadrature detection
Precise control of Reggia-Spencer phase shifter
Reduction of geometric taper losses in the PCVD process
Fabrication of antimony oxide-doped silica fibres by the VAD process
The need for an explicit model describing MOS transistors in moderate inversion
Rectangular ring and H-shaped microstrip antennas—alternatives to rectangular patch antenna
Incoherent FSK
Improvement of side-mode suppression ratio of a single-mode SCC semiconductor laser
Planar monolithic integration of a Schottky photodiode and a GaAs field-effect transistor for 0.8 μm-wavelength applications
Novel method for instantaneous determination of frequency of transmitters over wide bandwidths
Experimental verification of a VMOS UHF power transistor model and design
Observation of negative differential resistance in CHIRP superlattices

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