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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 18, 29 August 1985

Volume 21, Issue 18

29 August 1985

Effect of video amplifier rise time and CRT gamma on performance of a high-resolution monitor
Use of transparent indium tin oxide to form a highly efficient 20 GHz Schottky barrier photodiode
Triple-stripe phase-locked diode lasers emitting 100 mw CW with single-lobed far-field patterns
Phased array of AlGaAs multistripe index-guided lasers
Chromatic dispersion measurement of a single-mode fibre by improved optical heterodyne interferometry
Bulk optical isolator tunable from 1.2 μm to 1.7 μm
Simultaneous transmission of speech and data using an adaptive cancelling technique
Method for cooling and bubble-free coating of optical fibres at high drawing rates
New polarisation-control scheme for optical heterodyne receiver using two Faraday rotators
Power spectra of mB1C codes for optical communication
Gigahertz band GaAs monolithic limiting amplifier
Fast amplitude control in twin-T bridge RC oscillators
Influence of doping on threshold current of semiconductor lasers
Modified Lu-Lee cryptosystem
New fabrication technique for single-phase unidirectional SAW filter (EMUDT) in UHF range
Water propagation blocking properties of submarine optical fibre cable
Narrowband position-tuned multilayer interference filter for use in single-mode-fibre systems
Retrieval of hyperthermia-induced temperature distribution from noisy microwave radiometric data
Achievement of shot-noise-limited sensitivity and 50 dB dynamic range by photon-counting receiver using Si avalanche photodiode
Thermal donor and new donor generation in SOI material formed by oxygen implantation
Au/TiN/WSi-gate self-aligned GaAs MESFETs using rapid thermal annealing method
Frost-resistant coated optical fibres
Voltage comparators implemented with GaAs/(GaAl)As heterojunction bipolar transistors
Adaptive radar detection
Au-Ga alloy film acoustic bonding
Non-Gaussian intensity distribution and dispersion compensation in single-mode fibres
InGaAs PIN photodetectors with modulation response to millimetre wavelengths
35 GHz microwave signal generation with an injection-locked laser diode
Room-temperature GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb DH injection lasers at 2.2 μm
CMOS triode transconductor for continuous-time active integrated filters
Simple technique for measuring attenuation of integrated optical waveguides
Dual reflector synthesis for specified aperture power and phase
Efficiency of unstable resonator semiconductor lasers
Strained-quantum-well, modulation-doped, field-effect transistor
Erratum: New ν(E) relationship for GaAs
Erratum: Characteristic impedance of coplanar waveguide

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