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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 16, 1 August 1985

Volume 21, Issue 16

1 August 1985

Intermodulation and harmonic distortion in InGaAsP lasers
New orthogonal transform for digital signal processing
Performance of signals coded by miller code in the presence of noise and interference
Dispersion penalties for single-mode-fibre transmission using 1.3 and 1.5 μm LEDs
New method to measure scattering and total losses of optical fibres
Tailored-gain broad-area semiconductor laser with single-lobed diffraction-limited far-field pattern
Bandwidth and signal-data compression using maximum specified error as control
Theoretical investigation of a stripline planar antenna
Method for the generation of M-ary constant-envelope PSK signals
Effect of number of spectral terms on convergence of spectral-domain calculations of E-plane structures
System reduction by continued-fraction expansion about s=jωi
Model reduction by condensed continued-fraction method
Optimum monopulse linear array excitations using Zolotarev polynomials
Systolic encoder for fast waveform vector quantisation
2–18 GHz distributed amplifier in hybrid form
Subharmonic modulation distortions in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback
Improvement of InP MISFET characteristics using infra-red lamp annealing
Fractal dimension of 1/fα noises
Inversion-mode InP MISFET using a photochemical phosphorus nitride gate insulator
Monitoring the final on-zone dynamics in TIL GTO thyristors
100 ps waveguide multiple quantum well (MQW) optical modulator with 10:1 on/off ratio
Acoustic resonator transducer for operation in air
FM noise suppression and linewidth reduction in an injection-locked semiconductor laser
Wavelength fluctuations in pulsed variable spacing phase-locked laser diode arrays
Stereopsis with adaptive windows
Variable-grating-mode liquid crystals for fibre-optic applications
Digital phasemeter with phase compensation
Low-temperature behaviour of high-birefringence fibres
Calculated field spectra of semiconductor lasers near threshold
Novel simple method for determination of refractive index of optical monomode slab waveguides
RC-active biquad design by a Prolog program
Systematic jitter suppression by pattern inversion
Algorithm for biased continued-fraction expansions of z-transfer functions
Hydrogen evolution behaviour of silicone-coated optical fibres
Analysis of transverse modes of phase-locked multi-stripe lasers
Erratum: Simple and accurate loss measurement technique for semiconductor optical waveguides

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