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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 13, 20 June 1985

Volume 21, Issue 13

20 June 1985

Optically induced latch-up and other effects in CMOS UVEPROMs
Multiple monolayer adsorption—a new technique for the production of noncentrosymmetric films
Subpicosecond base transit time observed in a hot-electron transistor (HET)
Characteristic impedance of coplanar waveguide
Selective etching characteristics of HF for AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs
Untuned low insertion loss surface leaky wave filter
Microwave technique for reflector antenna profile measurement
Polarisation analysis of strongly fused and weakly fused tapered couplers
Simple hybrid mode horn feed loaded with a dielectric cone
Injection-lock bandwidth extension by control modulation and current ‘hump’ slope detection
Low threshold GaAs/GaAlAs BH lasers with ion-beam-etched mirrors
Two-dimensional E-field mapping with subpicosecond temporal resolution
Distributed optical fibre Raman temperature sensor using a semiconductor light source and detector
Linearity of pMOS radiation dosimeters operated at zero bias
Fabrication and performance characteristics of InGaAsP ridge-guide distributed-feedback multiquantum-well lasers
Surface-acoustic-wave frequency-domain limiter
High-temperature excitons and enhanced electroabsorption in InGaAs/InAlAs multiple quantum wells
Novel method for calculating maximum bulk electric field in high-voltage diodes with large negative bevel angles
15 GHz direct modulation bandwidth of vapour-phase regrown 1.3 μm InGaAsP buried-heterostructure lasers under CW operation at room temperature
Electric-field-induced refractive index variation in quantum-well structure
p-channel GaAs SIS (semiconductor-insulator-semiconductor) FET
Simple and accurate loss measurement technique for semiconductor optical waveguides

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