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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 12, 6 June 1985

Volume 21, Issue 12

6 June 1985

Design of a wideband compact square waveguide polariser
FSK heterodyne system experiments at 1.5 μm using a DFB laser transmitter
Polarisation modulation in long couplers
Low-threshold 1.3 μm GaInAsP/InP lasers grown by atmospheric-pressure MOVPE
Transmission of 140 Mbit/s signals over single-mode fibre using surface- and edge-emitting 1.3 μm LEDs
Direct measurement of chromatic dispersion in single-mode fibres using streak camera
1.5 μm phase-shifted DFB laser by EBX and mass-transport technique
Dependence of chirping on cavity separation in two-section coupled-cavity lasers
Modelling frequency dependence of output impedance of a microwave MESFET at low frequencies
Semiempirical expressions for solar cell fill factors
Analogue four-quadrant CMOS multiplier with resistors
Octave-bandwidth microwave FET doubler
Fibre splices with ‘perfect fibre’ strengths of 5.5 GPa, v<0.01
Passive 3-branch optical power divider by K+-ion exchange in glass
94 GHz dielectric slab-line leaky-wave antenna
Role of Petermann's K-factor in semiconductor laser oscillators
Frequency dependence of source access resistance of heterojunction field-effect transistor
Long-range 1.5 μm OTDR in a single-mode fibre using A D2 gas-in-glass laser (100 km) or a semiconductor laser (60 km)
FIR digital filters designed to a group-delay characteristic
Novel technique for measurement of MOSFET threshold voltage at very low channel currents
SiO2/native double-gate InSb MOSFETs
New synchronisation method for satellite-switched time-division multiple-access systems
Design criterion for inclined planar radomes on radar corner reflectors used for spaceborne SAR calibration
Erratum: Digital lattice filters with reduced number of tap-multipliers

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