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Electronics Letters

Volume 21, Issue 10, 9 May 1985

Volume 21, Issue 10

9 May 1985

Ultra-high doping levels of GaAs with beryllium by molecular beam epitaxy
Approximation errors in the computation of Cheby̅shev expansion coefficients
Fibre-optic polarising beam splitter employing birefringent-fibre coupler
Ultra-low-noise, high-impedance preamp for cryogenic detectors
High-power single-mode optical-fibre coupling to InGaAsP 1.3 μm mesa-structure surface-emitting LEDs
Wideband and high-gain negative-feedback AGC amplifier for high-speed lightwave digital transmission systems
Dynamic channel allocation schemes for cordless telephones
On-chip switching for DC parametric testing
Broad-passband-width optical filter for multi/demultiplexer using a diffraction grating and a retroreflector prism
Inversion algorithm to construct Routh approximants
Substrate influence on flat folded dipole bandwidth
Measurement of Gaussian beam diameter using ronchi rulings
Platinum intermetallic resistors for GaAs-based circuits
Improved switched-capacitor algorithmic analogue-to-digital convertor
Determination of P-adic transform bases and lengths
Improved method of controlling stepping motor switching angle
OFDR diagnostics for fibre and integrated-optic systems
Optical system for real-time processing of multiple matrix product
Broadband circularly polarised planar array composed of a pair of dielectric resonator antennas
Photobleaching effect on visible-region loss increase for heat-treated optical fibres in a hydrogen atmosphere
Dielectric switching with memory in thin films of stearic acid
InGaAs photodiodes prepared by low-pressure MOCVD
Switched predictor adaptation of DPCM-AQB speech coder using an imbedded vector quantisation
Software distribution via broadcast television signals
Two-dimensional probability distribution of attenuation and depolarisation on Earth-space path
Planar InGaAs PIN photodiode with a semi-insulating InP cap layer
Selectively implanted oxygen isolation technology (SIO)
InGaAs junction FETs with frequency limit (MAG = 1) above 30 GHz
Nonequilibrium devices for infra-red detection
Variable-length shift register
New ν(E) relationship for GaAs

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