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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 9, 26 April 1984

Volume 20, Issue 9

26 April 1984

Magnetically tunable wideband magnetostatic-surface-wave filter using Ga-YIG film
Radiative and nonradiative lifetimes in n-type and p-type 1.6 μm InGaAs
0.7 W single-drift GaAs IMPATT diodes for millimetre-wave frequencies
OTDR in single-mode fibre at 1.5 μm using homodyne detection
Cutoff in single-mode optical fibre couplers
InAsxP1−x/InP photodiodes prepared by molecular-beam epitaxy
Active stabilisation of polarisation on a single-mode fibre
Novel active compensated weighted summer
Comment: Extended calibration aid for six-port network analysers
Reply: Extended calibration aid for six-port network analysers
Pseudo-heterodyne detection scheme for the fibre gyroscope
Injection-locking technique applied to a 170 km transmission experiment at 445.8 Mbit/s
Transient annealing of modulation-doped GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs heterostructures
Multiplication-dependent frequency responses of InP/InGaAs avalanche photodiode
Low-threshold InGaAsP/InGaP lasers at 810 nm grown on GaAs substrate by LPE
Growth of CuInS2 single crystals by THM
Reduction of backgating in GaAs/AlGaAs MESFETs by optimisation of active-layer/buffer-layer interface
InP mixer diodes with etched via ohmic contacts
Microwave detection of hidden objects in walls
Inversion of radiometric data from biological tissue by an optimisation method
Phase comparison monopulse radar: statistics of phase error
Fabrication of GaAlAs ‘window-stripe’ multi-quantum-well heterostructure lasers utilising Zn diffusion-induced alloying
High-speed pulse generation using a sinusoidally driven Ti:LiNbO3 directional coupler travelling-wave optical modulator
Public key distribution in matrix rings
Erratum: Tractable form of the dyadic Green function for application to multilayered isotropic media

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