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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 8, 12 April 1984

Volume 20, Issue 8

12 April 1984

Optical-fibre coupling to high-silica channel waveguides with fibre-guiding grooves
Monolithically integrated In0.53Ga0.47As-PIN/InP-MISFET photoreceiver
Transmission loss of UV-curable silicone-coated optical fibre
Large-signal capabilities and analysis of distributed amplifiers
Technique for elimination of polarisation fading in fibre interferometers
Superlattice optical-cavity multiple-quantum-well (SOC-MQW) lasers grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Performance of a two-link CPSK system incorporating direct phase regenerator with imperfect phase references
1.55 μm OTDR for single-mode optical fibre longer than 110 km
Signal-processor-based digital filters having low sensitivity
Analysis of quarter-wave-shifted DFB laser
Loss increase in deuterium-doped VAD fibres with heat treatment
Generation of constant-power curves for three-terminal coupled-cavity lasers
Phase error bounds of fibre gyro with imperfect polariser/depolariser
Analysis of Fresnel field of a subreflector by an optimal use of FFT
60 GHz monolithic GaAs front-end circuit for receiver applications
Comment: System reduction by Cauer continued-fraction expansion about s = a and s = ∞ alternately
Analysis of the helix as an RF applicator for hyperthermia
New approach to splice-loss monitoring using long-range OTDR
Gap problem in king-middleton second-order theory for dipole admittance calculations
New method of far-field reconstruction from Fresnel field
Generation of 4 ps light pulses from directly modulated V-groove lasers
Pyramidal horns at 460 GHz
Effective refractive index and range of monomode operation for W-fibres
Improved implementation of FFT algorithm on a high-performance processor
Simple way to understand the behaviour of an optical y junction
Intercavity coupling gap width dependence in coupled-cavity lasers
Extended precision in video-bandwidth analogue/digital convertors using optical techniques
High-speed low-loss low-drive-power travelling-wave optical modulator for λ = 1.32 μm
New 1B2B line code for digital fibre optic transmission systems
Erratum: Novel application of generalised current conveyor
Erratum: Processing of InP MIS devices monitored via photoluminescence measurements

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