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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 7, 29 March 1984

Volume 20, Issue 7

29 March 1984

Gbit/s modulation of heavily Zn-doped surface-emitting InGaAsP/InP DH LED
Noise and dynamical gain studies of GaAs photoconductive detectors
Effects of diffraction on frequency response of bulkacoustic-wave-beam filters
Nondissipative switched networks for high-power applications
Formant coding of speech using dynamic programming
Double mandrel: a modified technique for studying static fatigue on optical fibres
Digital fibre transmission using optical homodyne detection
Hydroxyl group formation caused by hydrogen diffusion into optical glass fibre
Optical readout of resonant quartz sensors
Improved-dynamic-range single-mode OTDR at 1.3 μm
Photochromic waveguides and fibres
0.5 W 2–21 GHz monolithic GaAs distributed amplifier
Fabrication of ultra-thin free-standing wires of silicon nitride
Complex permittivity of a dielectric mixture: modified Fricke's formula based on logarithmic law of mixing
Improved recognition of thermal structures by microwave radiometry
Current gain of silicon bipolar transistor with polysilicon emitter contact
Reactive ion etched GaAs optical waveguide modulators with low loss and high speed
High-efficiency Q-band GaAs FET oscillator
CMOS circuits made in lamp-recrystallised silicon-on-insulator
565 Mbaud 100 km optical system trial using a ridge waveguide DFB laser at 1.478 μm
Number representations for prime length DFTs
Energy efficiency of allpass ARMA impulse-equivalent periodic sequences
Optical fibres coated with a UV-curable material at a speed of 12 m/s
Selectively doped n+ InP/n GaInAs heterostructure prepared using chloride transport vapour-phase epitaxy
Observations of amplitude scintillations on a low-elevation Earth-space path
Stray-free switched-capacitor unit-delay circuit

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