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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 6, 15 March 1984

Volume 20, Issue 6

15 March 1984

Continuous-wave operation of 1.5 μm distributed-feedback ridge-waveguide lasers
Fibre loss increase due to hydrogen generated at high temperatures
Waveguided optical switch in InGaAs/InP using free-carrier plasma dispersion
Boundary element method for calculation of depletion layer profiles
Stable low-loss single-mode couplers
Rayleigh scatter measurements of a 42 km single-mode fibre at 1.55 μm wavelength using an LD and an LN2 cooled Ge-PIN detector
Highly efficient single-longitudinal-mode operation of antireflection-coated 1.3 μm DFB-DC-PBH LD
High sensitivity of VPE-grown InGaAs/InP-heterostructure APD with buffer layer and guard-ring structure
Switched-capacitor recharging devices for VIS filters using fully differential operational amplifiers
11.2 GHz picosecond optical pulse generation in gain-switched short-cavity InGaAsP injection lasers by high-frequency direct modulation
Time-domain interpretation of four-photon spectra from optical fibres
Wideband translinear current convertor
End effects in coupled rectangular resonators in unilateral fin line
Differential stress distribution in a polarisation-holding fibre coupler
Scalar quadratic control with amplitude constraints
Nonlinear crosstalk due to stimulated Raman scattering in a two-channel wavelength-division-multiplexed system
Stability of two modes in DFB laser diode under high data rate modulation
Attenuation/time relation for OH formation in optical fibres exposed to H2
Theoretical radiation admittance of a large bandwidth flat symmetrical folded dipole
Multipath detection in stationary VHF FM channels
Processing of InP MIS devices monitored via photoluminescence measurements
Theoretical study on the radial line transformer in a rectangular waveguide
Influence of degeneracy on behaviour of homojunction GaAs bipolar transistor
Magnetic field assisted bonding of prefabricated grid to a Cu2S-CdS solar cell
Single-longitudinal-mode operation of DFB-DC-PBH LD under Gbit/s modulation
Room-temperature pulsed operation of GaxIn1−xAsyP1−y/Gax'In1−x'Asy'P1−y' DH visible injection laser grown on (100) GaAs by a two-phase-solution technique
Syndrome- and autocorrelation-testable internally unate combinational networks
Direct method for discrete low-order modelling
Fast radiation-induced attenuation in single-mode optical fibres
Detection of single 1.3 μm photons at 45 Mbit/s
Erratum: Optical correlation in Bi12SiO20 at 632.8 nm
Erratum: ESR study on loss increase of 500°C heat-treated Ge-doped optical fibres
Erratum: Nondestructive SAW material attenuation via acoustic microscopy
Erratum: 1.03 GHz operation of a low-loss SAW filter using 3-phase unidirectional transducers with thin dielectric layered feed electrodes
Erratum: Direct measurement of the frequency-modulation characteristics of a coupled-cavity laser

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