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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 5, 1 March 1984

Volume 20, Issue 5

1 March 1984

Quick fault location in multistage interconnection networks
Radiation-induced effects in a highly birefringent fibre
Simplified approach to probe-corrected spherical near-field scanning
InGaAs pin photodiode fabricated on semi-insulating InP substrate for monolithic integration
New thermoplastic dual-coextrusion-coating system for optical-fibre drawing
Transmission loss of thermotropic liquid-crystal polyester-jacketed optical fibre at low temperature
New UV-curable primary coating material for optical fibre
Radiation characteristics of short helical antenna and its mutual coupling
Monolayer heterointerfaces and thin layers (∼10 Å) in AlxGa1−xAs-GaAs superlattices grown by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition
Floating ideal FDNR using only two current conveyors
FM noise of index-guided GaAlAs diode lasers
Semiquantitative X-ray microanalysis on preforms for optical fibres
Linearised polarimetric optical fibre sensor using a ‘heterodyne-type’ signal recovery scheme
Compensation in time-dispersion properties of cascaded multimode fibres
High-efficiency V-band GaAs IMPATT diodes
Electromagnetic model of symmetrical five-port waveguide junction
Plane multipoint parameter extraction from RCS diagram record
High-speed frequency dividers using GaAs/GaAlAs high-electron-mobility transistors
Parallel processing of logic module placement
Modelling and analysis of dual-gate MESFET mixers
An all-CMOS ternary identity cell for VLSI implementation
Le maillage parallélipipédique et le changement de maille dans la méthode TLM en 3 dimensions (Parallelipiped meshing and mesh change in the 3D TLM method)
Erratum: Enhancement-mode metal/(Al,Ga)As/GaAs buried-interface field-effect transistor (BIFET)
Erratum: Analysis of coupled asymmetric microstrip lines on a ferrite substrate

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