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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 4, 16 February 1984

Volume 20, Issue 4

16 February 1984

Optical triggering of a trapped plasma
Aggregation matrix for the reduced-order modified Cauer CFE model
Unity-gain frequency-independent precision phase-shifter
‘Source-pull’ technique at microwave frequencies
High-capacity 1.3 μm unrepeatered optical fibre transmission system trials for submarine applications
94 GHz slotted waveguide array fabricated by photolithographic techniques
On solving Poisson's equation in two-dimensional semiconductor devices
InP/InGaAs buried-structure avalanche photodiodes
Practical barrier to hydrogen diffusion into optical fibres
Equivalent-step-index-fibre determination from wavelength dependence of far field
Subnanosecond pulse propagation in a Goubau line immersed in a lossy dielectric medium
100 Mbit/s ASK heterodyne detection experiment using 1.3 μm DFB-laser diodes
Liquid-phase-epitaxial growth of Inp/InGaAsP/InGaAs buried-structure avalanche photodiodes
Measurement of chromatic dispersion of long spans of single-mode fibre: a factory and field test method
Novel application of generalised current conveyor
Modified algorithm for two-dimensional convolutions by polynomial transforms
Sample-by-sample approach to recursive noncausal filtering
Influence of growth conditions on deep levels in molecular-beam-epitaxial GaAs
Electron beam annealing of zinc implanted GaAs to control profile broadening
Three-channel buried-crescent InGaAsP laser with 1.51 μm wavelength on semi-insulating InP
Chlorine concentration profiles in silica fibres
Analytical formulas for coplanar lines in hybrid and monolithic MICs
Two-layer circularly polarised microstrip antenna
Raman spectra of hydrogen-treated optical fibres
Nonreciprocal phase shift in finline with layered substrate containing magnetised ferrite
Stimulated Raman crosstalk in optical transmission: effects of group velocity dispersion
Use of MOS transistor as a tunable distributed RC filter element
Composite dielectric waveguide

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