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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 3, 2 February 1984

Volume 20, Issue 3

2 February 1984

Core alignment procedure for single-mode-fibre jointing
Video transmission over cabled monomode fibre at 1.523 μm using PFM with 2-PSK heterodyne detection
Birefringence calculations in elliptical-core optical fibres
Scanning acoustic interference microscope with wedge delay line
Dopant effect on transmission loss increase due to hydrogen permeation
Analysis of a microstrip dipole antenna
Loss spectra of optical fibres under hydrogen and deuterium
Measurement of spatial distributions of mode coupling in polarisation-maintaining fibres
Dynamic linewidth of amplitude-modulated single-longitudinal-mode semiconductor lasers operating at 1.5 μm wavelength
The problem of a conducting sphere resting on an earthed plane in a uniform perpendicular field and its applications
Halogen lamp annealing of GaAs for MESFET fabrication
Sidelobe reduction for a microstrip travelling-wave antenna array using partially random weighting
Single-mode transmission selective integrated-optical polarisers in LiNbO3
Fibre-optic cable for CO laser power transmission
Increasing IATO in TIL GTO thyristors
14 Gbit/s optical signal encoding for λ = 1.32 μm with double pulse drive of a Ti:LiNbO3 waveguide modulator
Effect of processor perturbations on an adaptive beamformer
Multi-combline warped-mode directional couplers
Dual-mode optical-fibre interferometric sensor
Chip area estimation method for VLSI chip floor plan
Temperature regulator for irradiation systems designed for evaluation of microwave bioeffects
Chemical change from diffused hydrogen gas to hydroxyl ion in silica glass optical fibres
Evidence of bandgap-narrowing in the space-charge layer of heavily doped silicon diodes
Physical interpretation of Petermann's strange spot size for single-mode fibres
Vertical electron transistor (VET) in GaAs with a heterojunction (AlGaAs-GaAs) cathode

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