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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 25-26, 6 December 1984

Volume 20, Issue 25

6 December 1984

High-speed fusion splice packages using internal heat sources
Detection of binary images recorded on films with grain clustering
Barker towers
Below 10 ps/gate operation with buried p-layer SAINT FETs
Underwater optical connector for remotely operated submersibles
Optical beam equalisation using degenerate two-wave mixing
Thermal stress measurements in optical-fibre preforms using preform-profiling techniques
Design tolerances for dispersion flattened SiO2-cladded single mode fibres
Ion emission from molten metal
Nature of wavelength chirping in directly modulated semiconductor lasers
Dynamic single-frequency low-chirp operation of a laterally coupled waveguide (LCW) laser
Stray-insensitive differential input stages for A/D convertors
Developing experimental models for a bistatic subsurface radar
FM- and AM-noise spectra of 1.3 μm InGaAsP DFB lasers in 0–3 GHz range and determination of their linewidth enhancement factor α
Temperature tuning of LiNbO3 electro-optic waveguide TE/TM mode convertors
Novel integrated optical polarisers using surface plasma waves and ion milled grooves in lithium niobate
Improved convergence performance of RSER algorithms with modified gradient filtering
Travelling waves on thin bodies
Field to dispersion relationships in single-mode fibres
Determination of proper output variables for the decoupling of nonlinear systems
Analysis of the pulse compression of Doppler shifted nonlinear frequency modulated signals
Measurements of polarisation mode dispersion by optical heterodyne detection
Length dependence of correlation coefficients in multimode fibre concatenations
Integrated optical 4×4 star coupler on LiNbO3
Novel schmitt trigger based on lambda diode
High-power high-efficiency LP-MOCVD InP Gunn diodes for 94 GHz
New collision detection technique and its performance
Effects of doping levels at source and drain regions on the performance of a-Si FET
Fully automatic optical fibre arc-fusion splice machine
Electron mobility in indium nitride
Visible fluorescence from heat-treated GeO2-doped silica optical fibre in hydrogen atmosphere
High-stability optical fibre loss measuring equipment using comparison method
Effect of slot asymmetry: addendum to ‘New properties of double-layer coupled slot lines configuration’
SiO2-SnO2-P2-O5 glass optical fibres
Reduction of frequency chirping and dynamic linewidth in high-speed directly modulated semiconductor lasers by injection locking
Erratum: Simultaneous phase and amplitude measurements on optical signals using a multiport junction

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