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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 24, 22 November 1984

Volume 20, Issue 24

22 November 1984

New low-loss SAW filter using internal floating electrode reflection types of single-phase unidirectional transducer
High-performance current conveyor implementation
Fabrication of thick films of silicon-on-insulator substrates by using a scanning halogen lamp system
Receiver sensitivity temperature dependence of small detectable area Hi-Lo germanium avalanche photodiode
Image data compression using 2-D lattice predictor
Systolic multiplier
Measurement of crossphase modulation in coherent wavelength-division multiplexing using injection lasers
Transmission properties of lightguide fibres coated at a line speed of 10 m/s
Piezoresistance in polysilicon
1.5 μm monolithic shallow-groove coupled-cavity vapour phase transported buried heterostructure lasers
Influence of laser fluctuations on soliton propagation in optical fibres
Polarising fibre coupler with high extinction ratio
Probability of error for optical heterodyne DPSK system with quantum phase noise
Radar clutter suppression schemes
λ/4-shifted InGaAsP/InP DFB lasers by simultaneous holographic exposure of positive and negative photoresists
Millimetre-wave low-loss finline lowpass filters
Measured spectral linewidth of single-frequency 1.3 and 1.5 μm injection lasers
Fabrication of submicrometre resist patterns using an edge-defined technique
Dielectric isolation by orientation-dependent etching
Four-quadrant CMOS analogue multiplier
GaInAsP/InP phase-adjusted distributed feedback lasers with a step-like nonuniform stripe width structure
Linear equivalence of certain BRM shift-register sequences
Enhanced ESI for prediction of waveguide dispersion in single-mode optical fibres
Three-phase power frequency conversion with high efficiency and high spectral purity
Novel optical FSK heterodyne single filter detection system using a directly modulated DFB-laser diode
Four first-order switched capacitor circuits
Erratum: Low-threshold high-speed 1.55 μm vapour phase transported buried heterostructure lasers (VPTBH)
Erratum: Exact design of stray-insensitive switched-capacitor lowpass ladder filters from unit-element prototypes

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