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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 22, 25 October 1984

Volume 20, Issue 22

25 October 1984

Envelope detection and correction of SSB
Characteristics of Ti-indiffused waveguides in MgO-doped LiNbO3
Failure of scalar analyses in dielectric optical waveguides with perturbed refractive-index profile
Temperature dependence of radiation-induced losses in fibre optics
Dispersion of Verdet constant in stress-birefringent silica fibre
Effect of additional heavy metal layer on ZnO-Si monolithic SAW devices
Two-dimensional profiles of impurity diffusion in semiconductors
Analytical expression for the high-current I/V characteristic of a distributed diode
140 Mbit/s optical FSK fibre heterodyne experiment at 1.54 μm
Simplified recursive identifier for ARMA processes
Combined use of finite-state machines and petri nets for modelling communicating processes
MOCVD growth of GaAs on Si substrates with AlGaP and strained superlattice layers
Algorithm for the identification of continuous-time multivariable systems from their discrete-time models
InGaAs/InP mesa photodetector passivated with silicon dioxide
New application of a single six-port reflectometer
Probabilistic hard-decision table look-up decoding for binary block codes
Power spectrum of fibre output fluctuation in polarisation-preserving optical fibres
Four-element beam-forming antenna
Analysis of off-optical-axis anisotropic diffraction configurations in positive uniaxial crystals
Reduction of dynamic linewidth in single-frequency semiconductor lasers
Observation of negative differential resistance in In0.53Ga0.47As/InP:Fe JFETs
Microstrip patch array antenna
Fast biased polynomial transforms for 2D prime length discrete Fourier transforms
Integrated Ka-band finline mixer/modulator
Improving performance of AlGaAs/GaAs monolithic laser/FET by GRIN-SCH quantum-well laser
Experimental investigation of mutual coupling in a conical horn array
Slot-line coupler for medical applications
Characteristics of sub-half-micrometre-gate self-aligned GaAs FET by ion implantation
Low-resistance submicrometre gates used for self alignment
Silicon millimetre-wave integrated-circuit (SIMMWIC) SPST switch
Contact resistivity of IR lamp alloyed Au-Ge metallisation on GaAs
Characteristics of GaAs/AlGaAs MODFETs grown directly on (100) silicon
Planar InGaAs/InP PINFET fabricated by Be ion implantation

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