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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 20, 27 September 1984

Volume 20, Issue 20

27 September 1984

Accurate estimation of single-mode-fibre characteristics from near-field measurements
Modified single-phase LPE technique for In1−xGaxAs1−yPy laser structures
Ge APD/GaAs FET/op-amp transimpedance optical receiver design having minimum noise and intersymbol interference characteristics
Intermodal injection locking of semiconductor lasers
High-power CO laser transmission through As-S glass fibres
High-gain In0.53Ga0.47As:Fe photoconductive detectors
Relationship between CPA and XPD due to multipath effects on microwave LOS links
New technique for timing recovery
Nonlinear oscillations in nonperiodic sampling systems
Direct electro-optic sampling of transmission-line signals propagating on a GaAs substrate
Low-loss SAW filter using internal reflection types of single-phase unidirectional transducer
Noise characteristics of high-frequency superposed laser diodes for optical disc systems
Design of a microwave PIN diode complex weight circuit
Distinguishing between types of hidden objects using an FMCW radar
Accurate hybrid-mode approach for computing modes in three-line coupled microstrip structure in overlaid configuration
Semiconductor laser lineshape and parameter determination from fringe visibility measurements
Mixed-mode sampling and error estimation in digital wattmeters
4 GHz MSI 10-stage Johnson counter using super self-aligned process technology
Coherent pulse generation by active modelocking of a GaAlAs laser in a Selfoc lens extended resonator
Calculation of coherent attenuation at millimetre-wave frequencies
Wavelength-division-multiplexing in the 1.5 μm window: an installed link
Electronic funds transfer security: a network-optimised approach
GaAs/LB film MISS switching device
Exact design of highpass switched-capacitor filters of the LDI type
Fibre strain induced during heat cycle in liquid-crystal polyester-jacket optical fibre
Temporal and spectral characteristics of single-longitudinal-mode short-coupled-cavity (SCC) InGaAsP lasers under multigigahertz direct modulation
Comment: Stray-free switched-capacitor unit-delay circuit
Controlled generation of optical pulse trains by double-contacted GaAs laser diodes
Special cases of Fliege's complementary transformation for multiamplifier networks

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