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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 19, 13 September 1984

Volume 20, Issue 19

13 September 1984

Improved statistical design centring for electrical networks
CMOS design technique to eliminate the stuck-open fault problem of testability
Integrated optics processing: uses of an EDTA etch solution
High temperature CW operation of p-substrate buried crescent laser diode emitting at 1.3 μm
Transistor effect in monolithic Si/CoSi2/Si epitaxial structures
Fast transform algorithm for use in decoding BCH-type codes
Collector/emitter offset voltage in double-heterojunction bipolar transistors
Fundamental-mode cutoff in depressed cladding multiple-fibre couplers
Compact range for millimetre-wave frequencies using a dielectric lens
InP/InGaAsP p-type substrate and mass transported doubly buried heterostructure laser
Tunnelling in quantum-well structures
Light modulator using piezoelectric films with waveguides
Ultralow-loss 220 km-long single-mode-fibre cable link in 1.5 μm wavelength region
Diversity for binary noncoherent frequency shift keying in impulsive reverberation noise
Millimetrewave groove guide with V-shaped grooves
Comparison between first-order digital and analogue phase-locked loops
Offset-compensated switched-capacitor circuits
New method of fault detection in optical fibre links
Magnetostatic variable constant delay line consisting of metal-dielectric YIG-GGG metal
Low crosstalk polarisation-maintaining optical fibre with an 11 km length
Phase noise of mixers
Glass reinforced GaAs beam lead Schottky diode with airbridge for millimetre wavelengths
Nonlinearity in GaAs FET power amplifying devices
Gigahertz-bandwidth InGaAsP/InP optical modulators/switches with double-hetero waveguides
Limitations of the projected shadow method for estimating the strut influence in paraboloidal antennas
100 Mbit/s laser diode terminal with optical gain for fibre-optic local area networks
Crescent InGaAsP mesa substrate buried-heterostructure lasers at 1.55 μm
Measurements of the statistics of excess noise in separate absorption, grading and multiplication (SAGM) avalanche photodiodes
Amplitude distortion: a means of characterising line-of-sight microwave radio paths during multipath fading
Multimode S-parameters of planar multiport junctions by boundary element method
Large-signal switching transients in index-guided semiconductor lasers
Expected performances of GaAlAs/GaAs double-velocity heterojunction impatt diodes

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