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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 18, 30 August 1984

Volume 20, Issue 18

30 August 1984

Novel 2–4 PSK differential demodulator for satellite broadcast receivers using SAW technology
Optical time-domain reflectometer with a semiconductor laser amplifier
Diffused planar InP bipolar transistor with a cadmium oxide film emitter
1.8 Gbit/s 65 km optical transmission experiment using a 1.478 μm DFB laser and Ge APD receiver
Noise enhancement in laser amplifiers caused by gain nonuniformity
Surface-acoustic-wave propagation on a piezoelectric substrate with a periodic metal grating
1.3 μm bidirectional optical transmission over 31 km of installed single-mode fibre using optical couplers
Compact dual-polarised coaxial feed at 327 MHz
Quadrature hybrid made from transmission line of a single characteristic impedance
p-adic transforms
1.3 μm InGaAsP DCPBH multiquantum-well lasers
High-power buried coarctate mesa-structure AlGaAs lasers
Optical polarisers of high extinction ratio integrated on oxidised silicon substrate
Offset-compensated switched-capacitor leapfrog filters
Integrated quantum-well-laser transmitter compatible with ion-implanted GaAs integrated circuits
Feasibility of a 1 Gbit/s/ 565 Mbit/s bidirectional single-mode-fibre subscriber line for B-ISDN using 1279 nm/ 1315 nm wavelength division multiplexing
Transformation of continuous-time model of a linear multivariable system from its discrete-time model
Picosecond optoelectronic switching in semiconductors using a partly covered gap
Empirical formula for groundwave field-strength calculation
Minimal realisation algorithm for impulse response matrix using modified moments
Elimination of drain I/V collapse in MODFETs through the use of thin n-GaAs/AlGaAs superlattice
Integrated-optical multichannel wavelength multiplexer for monomode systems
Asymptotic expansion of a Sommerfeld integral
Simple model to calculate repeater spacings on analogue optical fibre video transmission routes
Performance of a rectangular-waveguide-excited short backfire antenna employing a conical main reflector
Direct measurement of second-order dispersion in short optical fibres using white-light interferometry
High-efficiency single-drift GaAs IMPATT diodes for 72 GHz

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