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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 17, 16 August 1984

Volume 20, Issue 17

16 August 1984

Transmission experiment at 3 Gbit/s with close-spaced wavelength-division-multiplexed single-frequency lasers at 1.5 μm
Ultra-low-distortion current-conversion technique
Comment: Low-dispersion single-mode silica fibre with undoped core and three F-doped claddings
Reply: Low-dispersion single-mode silica fibre with undoped core and three F-doped claddings
Influence of metal-covered area on performance of solar cells
Monolithically integrated array of GaAlAs electroabsorption modulators
Computation of fundamental-mode spot size from far-field pattern of single-mode optical fibres
Radiation characteristics and generation of higher-order modes of circular microstrip antennas
Novel architecture for a digital switching network
High-speed optoelectronic sampling with semiconductor-laser pulsed coplanar photoconductor
Low-loss single-mode wavelength-division multiplexing with etched fibre arrays
Thin-film integrated band-rejection filters
Design of monomode quadruple-clad fibres
Improved heat-sink design for coherent laser arrays
Existence of a 2n FFT algorithm with a number of multiplications lower than 2n+1
1.53 μm DFB lasers by mass transport
Transverse junction stripe lasers using Si-doped GaAs/AlGaAs grown by MBE
Phase-locked injection laser arrays with nonuniform stripe spacing
Optimal data transmission filters
Cutoff wavelength determination in single-mode optical fibres by measurement of equalisation wavelength
The magnetotransistor effect
Groove-guide directional couplers with improved bandwidth
Coherent FSK transmitter using a negative feedback stabilised semiconductor laser
Synthesis of monomode fibre profiles using multivariate optimisation
Travelling-wave laser amplifier experiments at 1.5 μm
1.2 Gbit/s optical fibre transmission experiment over 113.7 km using a 1.528 μm distributed-feedback ridge-waveguide laser
Test of phase-retrieval holography on the Onsala 20 m radiotelescope
Erratum: Nonabsorbing mirror (NAM) CDH-LOC diode lasers

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