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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 16, 2 August 1984

Volume 20, Issue 16

2 August 1984

Fault signature effectiveness of microcomputer address bus
Worst-month rain attenuation and XPD statistics for satellite paths at 12 GHz
Ten-port graded-index waveguide star coupler fabricated by dry ion diffusion process
Occurrence of a singular Jacobian in filter design
Doppler polarisation spectral resolution of radar signals
LED linearisation for video bandwidth transmission employing a monolithically integrated PIN-PD
High-speed planar-structure Inp/InGaAsP/InGaAs avalanche photodiode grown by VPE
High-temperature aging tests on planar structure InGaAs/InP PIN photodiodes with Ti/Pt and Ti/Au contact
Large-signal effects in an optical BSO amplifier
Resonant hemispherical dielectric antenna
Femtosecond solitary waves in optical fibres
Robust pole assignment and optimal stability margins
Optical loss increase in optical fibre coated with silicone resin containing Si—D
Switched-capacitor delay circuit that is insensitive to capacitor mismatch and stray capacitance
Monomode fibre optic vortex shedding flowmeter
Exact design of stray-insensitive switched-capacitor lowpass ladder filters from unit-element prototypes
Switching circuits for yield-enhancement of an array chip
2 Gbit/s regenerator using commercial silicon bipolar circuits
Novel programmable wave-SC filter structure for pole-zero modelling of vocal tract

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