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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 15, 19 July 1984

Volume 20, Issue 15

19 July 1984

Tunable single-mode excitation in multimode fibres
Resonant frequency of a tunable rectangular patch antenna
Optimisation of modulation-doped heterostructures for TEGFET operation at room temperature
Gigabit per second operation by monolithically integrated InGaAsP/InP LD-FET
Dual digital transmission system for multipair cables based on “crank-shaft coding”
Experimental investigation of the beam spot size radius in single-mode fibre tapers
Effective recombination velocity of polysilicon contacts for bipolar transistors
InGaAsP 1.3 μm optical amplifier-modulator integrated with a fibre-resonator mode-locked laser
Amplifier-modulator integrated with a cleaved-coupled-cavity injection laser
Integrated VIS SC filter with lattice reference structure
Integrated bipolar master/slave D-flip-flop with multiplexing capability for Gbit/s operation
Scheme for detection of subcarrier modulated optical signals using switched parametric amplification
Effect of laser chirp on optical systems—initial tests using a 1480 nm DFB laser
Double-polarisation radar measurements
Electroabsorption in InGaAsP-InP double heterostructures
Low-dark-current low-voltage 1.3–1.6 μm avalanche photodiode with high-low electric field profile and separate absorption and multiplication regions by molecular beam epitaxy
Simplified Green's function for SAW generation which allows for the LSW
Single error correcting and multiple unidirectional error detecting cyclic an arithmetic codes
Generation of 4 ps light pulses from directly modulated V-groove lasers

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