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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 14, 5 July 1984

Volume 20, Issue 14

5 July 1984

Phase shift nulling DC-field fibre-optic magnetometer
Imaging spatial distributions of resistivity—an alternative approach
Effect of impulse noise on data transmission using FDPSK
Novel structure of laser diode and light-emitting diode realised by coaxial transverse junction (CTJ)
Influence of gap width on mode discrimination in cleaved coupled cavity lasers
Novel approach to multicoupled-cavity filter sensitivity and group delay computation
Biased model reduction by factor division
Pyroelectric imaging of defects in bulk acoustic wave lithium niobate transducers
Power spectra of HDBn and CHDBn codes
Observation of bistable optical effects in a twin GaAs/GaAlAs diode external cavity ring laser
Effect of external optical feedback on spectral properties of external cavity semiconductor lasers
Fabrication of a high silica glass waveguide optical accessor
Microprocessing of GaAs cylindrical columns for integrated optical device fabrication by Cl2-Ar reactive ion etching
Effect of current rise time on beam stability in twin stripe lasers
Low-threshold and high temperature single-longitudinal-mode operation of 1.55 μm-band DFB-DC-PBH LDs
Near room temperature 1.3 μm single photon counting with a InGaAs avalanche photodiode
Negative X-ray resist produced by proton bombardment
Stress transformation due to fusion splicing in optical fibre
Monitoring the tilt angle of an ion-beam cross-section
Picosecond absorption saturation in GaInAsP
Monolithically integrated Gunn oscillator at 35 GHz
Conductivity changes in tungsten silicide films due to rapid thermal processing
Equivalence of the left-edge and column-by-column channel-routing algorithms
OH-absorption in fluoride glass infra-red fibres
GaAs-loaded metal waveguide components for high-speed low-VSWR optoelectronic millimetre-wave switching
Active-RC-circuit synthesis for the simulation of a grounded inductor

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