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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 13, 21 June 1984

Volume 20, Issue 13

21 June 1984

Intrinsic manifestation of regular pulsations in time-averaged spectra of semiconductor lasers
Improvement of crystalline quality of the surface layer in buried implanted oxide structures by silicon implantation
Refined method for measurement of small-signal alphas of thyristors
Simplified optical fibre end-cleave angle measurement device
Nonabsorbing-mirror (NAM) CDH-LOC diode lasers
Simplified high-performance dual-band feed comprising a dual-depth corrugated launcher and a conventional corrugated horn
Novel refractometer using a tapered optical fibre
Measurement of linewidth and FM-noise spectrum of 1.52 μm InGaAsP lasers
Polysilicon base contact in I2L transistors
GCF extraction from multivariable polynomials using indirect Padé approximation
Experimental investigation of a new spectrometer comprising a Josephson junction
Simple power control circuit
Characterisation of graded single-mode fibres by fundamental-mode spot size variation
Comment: Noise-cancelling switched-capacitor (SC) filtering technique
Reply: Noise-cancelling switched-capacitor (SC) filtering technique
Integrated bipolar 4:1 time-division multiplexer for bit rates up to 3 Gbit/s
7000 m deep sea trial of OS-280M optical-fibre submarine cable system
High-speed and low-power GaAs DCFL divider
Absorption loss in optical fibres due to hydrogen
High-sensitivity Hi-Lo germanium avalanche photodiode for 1.5 μm-wavelength optical communication
Coupling strength and influence in cleaved-coupled-cavity lasers
Mode attenuation at 1.39 μm in graded-index fibres
Model for optical density of films with grain clustering
Comments on the synthesis of dual offset reflector systems
Low-threshold current density InGaAsP/InP injection lasers with three-layer-waveguide double heterostructure (jth≃0.5 kA/cm2 at 300 K)
Surface electrical breakdown with white-light emission on semi-insulating GaAs substrates
Low-noise operational amplifiers using bipolar input transistors in a standard metal gate CMOS process
1.5 W 11–17 GHz GaAs MESFET power amplifier utilising lumped-element matching techniques
Novel parasitic-insensitive wave SC filter
Electro-optic modulator on Ti:LiNbO3 with very low drive voltage
Photodisplacement microscopy
Imaging of objects in a halfspace with unknown permittivity

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