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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 12, 7 June 1984

Volume 20, Issue 12

7 June 1984

Temperature dependence of Hall mobility and electrical conductivity in SIMOX films
Fibre-optic recirculating analogue delay line
New analogue switch circuit having very low forward resistance
GaP/phthalocyanine Langmuir–Blodgett film electroluminescent diode
Electron transport through the MOCVD grown GaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction barrier
Analysis of high-speed and high-gain n-InP transferred electron effect photodetector
Punctured PN codes
Polarisation-independent modulators with Ti:LiNbO3 strip waveguides
New family of active RC variable equalisers
120 km lightwave transmission experiment at 1 Gbit/s using a new long-wavelength avalanche photodetector
Silicon-on-insulator CMOS transistors in dual electron beam recrystallised polysilicon
Pressure sensitivity prediction of polarisation IR fibre sensors
InGaAs Gunn oscillators
Modal noise reduction of laser diodes with specific thickness coating
Point measurements in the optimising control of large-scale industrial processes
Cryogenic GaAs FET amplifier
Improved offset-compensation schemes for switched-capacitor circuits
High-power single longitudinal mode operation of twin-channel substrate mesa guide (TCSM) lasers
Randomisation of pulse-rate-encoded signals for use in stochastic computers
Long-term loss stability of single-mode optical fibres exposed to hydrogen
Strong RSA keys
Multiple fault detection in fanout-free combinational networks
Mobile radio propagation in Auckland at 927 MHz
Lateral resurfed COMFET
Equivalent-step-index parameters for single-mode fibres having a power-law profile
Improvement in radiation characteristics of coaxial feeds using a quarter-wavelength choke
Erratum: Magnetically tunable wideband magnetostatic-surface-wave filter using Ga-YIG film

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