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Electronics Letters

Volume 20, Issue 10, 10 May 1984

Volume 20, Issue 10

10 May 1984

Eigenvalues of TE11- and TM11-modes in conical horn antennas
Optical loss measurement results on an experimental optical fibre submarine cable of 30 km length
1.5 μm phase adjusted active distributed reflector laser for complete dynamic single-mode operation
High-frequency small-signal modulation characteristics of short-cavity InGaAsP lasers
Measurement of drift mobility and carrier density profiles in In0.53Ga0.47As long-gate JFETs
2 Gbit/s operation of single-longitudinal-mode 1.5 μm double-channel planar buried-heterostructure C3 lasers
Screening method for laser diodes with high reliability
Finite cladding effects in highly birefringent fibre taper-polarisers
Fibre gyroscope with passive quadrature detection
Fault location for nonlinear resistive circuits
Bandwidth-limiting effects in coherent optical communications systems based on polarisation-preserving fibres
Statistical simulation of circuits using interpolation polynomials
Accurate analytical method for the extraction of solar cell model parameters
In-the-lens secondary electron analyser for IC internal voltage measurements with electron beams
Vectorial finite-element method without spurious solutions for dielectric waveguide problems
Sensitivity reduction in a digital lattice filter
Log-periodic flat short-circuited dipole array with a squinted beam
Evaluation of translinear logic
Adjacent wavelength interference effects on optical fibre systems error rates
Oscillation frequency shift suppression of semiconductor lasers coupled to external cavity
High-temperature operation of 1.55 μm InGaAsP double-channel buried-heterostructure lasers grown by LPE
Comparison of circular and linear polarisation radar measurements on the melting layer
Pulsed oscillation of GaAlAs/GaAs surface-emitting injection laser
Parallel-to-serial transformation by using large-cell-size amorphous-silicon charge-coupled devices
Low-dispersion single-mode silica fibre with undoped core and three F-doped claddings
Optical frequency stabilisation of high-power laser diodes under modulation using short optical waveguides
Increased carrier lifetimes in epitaxial silicon layers on buried silicon nitride produced by ion implantation
Simultaneous rain attenuation observations in the three Sirio Italian stations: statistical results after five years' activity
All-PANDA-fibre gyroscope with long-term stability
Accurate localisation of thermal gradients in lossy materials by correlation microwave thermography
Unity-gain frequency-independent quadrature phase shifter

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