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Electronics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 9, September 1966

Volume 2, Issue 9

September 1966

Study of the propagation characteristics of a tropospheric radio link by the use of a laboratory model
New property of the stability diagram for curved-mirror resonators
Influence of charge effects on the electrical conductivity of thin metal films
Identification of a system in the presence of low-frequency drift
Woven electron emitters for high reliability
Transient changes in material conductivity due to impact ionisation in a Gunn-effect domain
Transfer-function matrixes
Nonlinear phase behaviour of travelling-wave tubes
Horowitz minimum-sensitivity decomposition
Analogue model for the signal-and-noise equivalent circuit of u.h.f. transistors
Elimination of the singularity in the power radiated by a point electric dipole in an unbounded magnetoplasma
Simultaneous estimation of first and second derivatives of a cost function
Walsh functions and Hadamard matrixes
Stability of negative-impedance convertors
Backscattering for circular polarisation
Asymptotic stability and the method of linear bounds
Very low-frequency measurements of flicker noise in silicon planar transistors
Direct calculation by analogue computer of sensitivity coefficients of linear and nonlinear systems
Stability of high-frequency transistor in common-emitter configuration
Sensitivity improvement of inductorless filters
Proposed method of measuring group-delay and amplitude characteristics over wide bandwidths
Maximally flat attenuation and delay characteristics
Constant-current source with unusually high internal resistance and good temperature stability
Coupled-wave equations for propagation in stratified compressible magnetoplasmas
Erratum: High-quality transistorised gyrator

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