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Electronics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 8, August 1966

Volume 2, Issue 8

August 1966

Acoustic simulation of knife-edge diffraction
Behaviour of minimum excess-noise figure and maximum transducer gain in a linear 2 port
Boolean minimisation techniques
Effect of glow discharge on chromium thin-film resistance
Effects of piezoelectric resonances in ADP and KDP light-modulator crystals
Graphical determination of phase trajectories of nonlinear sampling systems
Effect of different methods of f.m.-waveform generation on the sidelobe structure of a compressed pulse
Mantissa-function generator
Statistical models for laser-induced ionisation of gases
Variation of the radio refractive index of the troposphere with height
Errors in near-field measurements and their effect on computed radiation patterns
Definition of jitter and a fast method to derive it
Differential minority-carrier-storage circuit for fast-pulse generation
Simple alignment procedure for a helium–neon laser
Electromagnetic-field solution of a diffuse plasma boundary
Short-range data link using a gallium arsenide lamp
Barrier-height determinations in thin-film tunnel junctions
Detection of chirp-radar signals by means of proton-spin echoes
Slot-mode propagation in rectangular waveguide
Realisation of a short-circuit-stable negative-resistance circuit with no internal bias supplies
Temperature coefficient of drift of m.o.s. transistors
Ray-theory interpretation of reflection of radio waves by a linearly graded plasma
Calculation of communication-network response to arbitrary transients
High-power Gunn-effect oscillators using epitaxial GaAs
Circle criterion and the damped Mathieu equation
Measurement of pulse-modulated r.f. power by sequential comparison with a reference
External light modulation with low microwave power
Tree generation
Design of universal logic circuits
Self-adaptive universal logic circuits
Influence of magnetostatic-field profiles on magnetoelastic wavepaths
Erratum: Numerical method for the solution of waveguide-discontinuity problems
Erratum: Statistical nature of the multiplication process

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