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Electronics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 5, May 1966

Volume 2, Issue 5

May 1966

Transistor invertors for low-voltage thermoelectric generators
Response of a varactor frequency doubler to amplitude- and phase-modulated signals
Elimination of the effect of nonlinearities on process crosscorrelations
Stability analysis of constant linear systems by Lyapunov's second method
Fluctuations of secondary-particle numbers in a multiplication process
Wave propagation in nonlinear transmission lines with simple losses
Three-stage time-division switching network with pulse-shifting junctor as alternate route
Variational integral for arbitrary inhomogeneous isotropic waveguides
Bouncing-ball pulse generator
Spatial periodic modulation of the high-field domain in cadmium sulphide
Comment: Use of pseudorandom binary sequences in the digital simulation of control systems subjected to random input signals
Liquid-filled electrostatic generator
Ultrashort electromagnetic waves from arc discharges at the plasma frequency and its second harmonic
Interference between terrestrial line-of-sight radio-relay systems and communication-satellite systems
Two-dimension diffraction by slits or strips
Approximate methods for calculating multiple-diffraction losses
PLUGE method of adjusting picture monitors in television studios
Exact formulation for axial spinwave propagation in a constant magnetic-field gradient
Effect of an anode hole on electron avalanches in methane at high pressure
Formation and duration of shock waves in nonlinear lines
Continuously variable delay lines
Active all-pass filter using differential amplifier
Determination of F(s) from given phase response θ(ω)
Self-adjusting orthogonal digital filter for identification of unknown processes
Erratum: New analogue multiplier-divider
Erratum: Comparison of three simple field-effect-transistor models

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