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Electronics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 12, December 1966

Volume 2, Issue 12

December 1966

Determination of the pockels electro-optic coefficient in ADP at 5.5 GHz
Indefinite integral of a confluent hypergeometric function
Equivalent circuits of a transistor mixer
Field emission from cadmium sulphide
Direct digital measurement of audio frequencies
Reflex discharge in argon using brush cathodes
Modified sine-squared pulse-and-bar test waveform for colour television
System identification with the growing exponential function
Sensitivity of an eigenvalue of a multivariable control system
Determination of natural modes of distributed networks
Variable-radix integrated counter
Some aspects of distortion in tunnel-diode amplifiers
Method of computing peak voltages in a transmission network
Sensitive method of testing for periodicity
Derivation of a tree-enumeration lemma
Design considerations for microwave light modulators
Simplified method of eliminating the effect of nonlinearities on process crosscorrelations
Solutions of the Laplace equation in an infinite plane by means of a double-layer resistance network
Three-wire-line interdigital filters of Cheby̅shev and elliptic-function characteristic for broad bandwidths
Interpolation on the real-frequency axis
Demagnetising field and magnetoelastic-wave delay in an axially magnetised y.i.g. rod
Admittance of a slot antenna following r.f. voltage breakdown
Low-frequency oscillations in a He–Ne laser
Hall-effect a.c.-ratio-to-d.c. convertor with forward-path quadrature rejection
Sur deux méthodes de mesure de la résistance de base (Analysis of two base-resistance measuring methods)
Algebraic description of bounded real matrixes
Radiation from corners in surface-wave lines
Solution of the Lyapunov matrix equation
Miniature X band Gunn oscillator with a dielectric-tuning system
Stability of p.c.m. characteristic equations
F.E.T.-circuit realisation of the inductance
Scattering by infinite cylinders of arbitrary cross-section by the method of finite differences
Selective network with nonideal gyrator
Erratum: Ring-laser accuracy
Erratum: Muscle stimulator controlled by myoelectric signals

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