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Electronics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 11, November 1966

Volume 2, Issue 11

November 1966

Photon correlations in ionising laser beams
Phase-plane analysis by isocentric curves
Generating orthogonal signals from the null space of the adjoint operators of a class of linear networks
Condition for ensuring a satisfactory stability range in a p.w.m. system using the method of Murphy and Wu
Stability criterion for p.w.m. feedback systems containing one integrating element
Potential distribution and field dependence of electron velocity in bulk GaAs measured with a point-contact probe
Gain stability of the superregenerative parametric amplifier
Ferric-doped-rutile 8 mm maser
Generalised impedance-transforming network with readily adjustable gain
Computer application of the tracking-function approach to practical stability
Statistical distribution of the envelope of an amplitude-modulated laser signal after passage through a turbulent atmosphere
Switching delay of a switching system related to the characteristics of the input signal
Coherent homodyne detection at 10.6 μm with an extrinsic photoconductor
Prime-implicants machine for four logic variables (PIM 4)
Calculation of communication-network response to arbitrary transients
Echo-suppressor design for space communication
Equations for wave propagation in a stratified compressible electron–ion magnetoplasma
Ring-laser accuracy
Diagram of Gunn-effect phenomena
Tuning techniques for multisection waveguide bandpass filters using evanescent modes
Field-effect-transistor negative-resistance circuit
Two theorems regarding the state-space realisation of the transfer-function matrix Z(s)
Growing-wave phenomenon due to collision coupling in a warm compressible dissipative electron plasma in uniform motion
Planar-transistor stability under X ray irradiation
Analogue divider
Optimum design of low-noise amplifiers
Topological analysis of networks containing nullators and norators
Synthesis of pseudorandom signals derived from p-level m sequences
Electrical breakdown of small air gaps bounded by dielectric surfaces under impulse-voltage conditions
Discharge repetition in an air-filled cavity in a solid dielectric under direct-voltage conditions
Transistor hybrid-π equivalent circuit under large sinusoidal voltages in the normal domain
Erratum: Nonlinear scattering of microwaves by a travelling-wave density-modulated plasma column
Erratum: Integratable gyrator using m.o.s. and bipolar transistors

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