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Electronics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 1966

Volume 2, Issue 1

January 1966

Micromachining with a pulsed gas laser
New analogue multiplier-divider
Equations for wave propagation in an inhomogeneous compressible plasma
High-frequency pulse decay in slightly detuned synchronous single-circuit amplifiers
Shock waves in a nonlinear delay line
Partial-fraction expansion of a transfer matrix
Rectangular-wave modulation—a hybrid p.l.m.–f.m. system
Optimised hybrid unidigit p.c.m. system
Arc-sine modulation—a method of overcoming nonlinearities in transmission systems
Reply to ‘Selectivity of notch filters using nonuniform RC lines’
Low-voltage light-amplitude modulation
Conformal mapping analysis of a type of groove guide
Anisotropy magnitude dispersion in thin films
Ferrite-loaded rectangular cavities
Characteristics of corona stabilisers with hydrogen–helium fillings
Plasma harmonic generation at millimetre wavelengths
Simple delay-line p.c.m. coder
Reducing quantising noise in p.c.m. coders
Comment on ‘Proof of the Manley–Rowe relations from quantum considerations’
Observation of microwave beats in a parallel-plate transmission-line photomixer
Balanced harmonic generator-detector system for 2 mm and 1.4 mm wavelength radiation
Millimetre-wave varactor multipliers
Generation of microwave power by use of the magnetoresistance effect in semiconductors
Iodine positive-column oscillation associated with cathode instability
Radiation from an electric dipole in an axially magnetised plasma column
Schüssler–elliptic low-pass filters
Permissible time variation of a model of a linear system identified from noisy output data
General commensurate unit elements
Propagation in anisotropic radially stratified circular waveguides
Thin-conducting-diaphragm susceptances in circular TE11 and TM01 waveguides
Nonlinear phenomena and relaxation oscillations associated with magnetoelastic propagation in yttrium–iron garnet
Factorable synthesis of Mealy–Moore sequential machines

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