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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 9, 28 April 1983

Volume 19, Issue 9

28 April 1983

Derivation of fundamental-mode electric field and modal properties of single-mode fibres from variable-aperture launch method
Simplified calibration equations for computer-corrected network analyser using matched-impedance normalisation
Optoelectronically pulsed slot-line antennas
Segmented-core single-mode fibres with low loss and low dispersion
Simple power spectrum of microbendings in single-mode fibres
Total radiant power measurement of laser diode by a calorimetric method
Loss reduction in curved dielectric optical slab waveguide
Runlength-limited code with small error propagation
Efficient positive coefficient algorithm for image processing
Suppression of intensity fluctuation of a longitudinal mode in directly modulated GaInAsP/InP dynamic single-mode laser
Integral packaging for millimetre-wave GaAs IMPATT diodes prepared by molecular beam epitaxy
Effects of choke-load position on radiation properties in double-choked small horn antennas
Stable tantalum silicide Schottky barrier on n-type gallium arsenide evaluated at elevated temperatures
2-bit 1-Gsample/s electro-optic guided-wave analogue-to-digital convertor system
System matrices of wave-digital filter related by similarity transformations
Einstein relations for gain-guided semiconductor lasers
Very low threshold GaInAsP/InP double-heterostructure lasers grown by LP MOCVD
New mechanism for bistable operation of closely coupled twin stripe lasers
Comment: Eigenvalue sensitivity method for optimal stabilisation of linear systems
Reply: Eigenvalue sensitivity method for optimal stabilisation of linear systems
Overcoming the effects of spurious pulses on wired-or lines in computer bus systems
Demonstration of multilevel multichannel optical frequency shift keying (FSK) with cleaved-coupled-cavity (C3) semiconductor lasers
Simple model order reduction by truncation with performance verification by fast digital simulation
New syndrome decoder for (n,1) convolutional codes
Efficient algorithm for common spanning tree problem
6-bit 25 MHz NMOS parallel A/D convertor
Translinear logic—a new technique in bipolar technology
s-z transformations for digital filters
New method for producing and mounting barretter elements for power measurement in waveguides
Direct- and image-frequency transfer functions of time-variant switched-capacitor networks
Erratum: Attenuation measurements on single pieces of fibre and extrapolation over longer distances

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