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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 8, 14 April 1983

Volume 19, Issue 8

14 April 1983

Nonreciprocal HF signal transmission by surface helicon
Ge-seeded crystallisation on SiO2 by using a slider system with RF heated strip heater
Spontaneous Brillouin noise in long-distance high-bandwidth optical-fibre transmission
Long-wavelength single-mode WDM for CATV applications
High-speed GaAs heterojunction bipolar phototransistor grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Waveguide slot antenna with a coupled dipole above the slot
Stress tests on 1.3 μm buried-heterostructure laser diode
Gigabit logic bipolar technology: advanced super self-aligned process technology
Effect of electric fields on long-wavelength response of infra-red detectors
Submicrometre X-ray printing with X-ray masks delineated by high-voltage electron-beam writing
Comparison of noise characteristics of Fabry-Perot-type and travelling-wave-type semiconductor laser amplifiers
Single-mode-fibre cutoff measurements using offset splice technique: excess loss effects
Sub-10 ps high-gain direct coupled Josephson logic gate
Characterisation of single-mode fibres by near-field measurement
Grain boundary diffusion in columnar structure polycrystalline materials
Tuning characteristics of optical amplification in 1.5 μm InGaAsP/InP lasers
Performance of small primary feeds with trapezoidal and sinusoidal corrugations
Single-element rectangular microstrip antenna for dual-frequency operation
Stochastic approximation approach to statistical circuit design
GaAs/GaAlAs active-passive-interference laser
Inverted transistor gate with FET load
Analysis of dicoding in optical-fibre communication systems
Three-dimensional higher-order mode analysis of transition from waveguide to shielded dielectric image line
High-efficiency satellite antenna
Erratum: Excitation of multimode guide by stripline-fed slots

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